Teen Titans Go!

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Teen Titans Go!
Teen Titans Go! logotype.png
Genre Comedy
Developer Michael Jelenic
Aaron Horvath
Production company DC Entertainment
Warner Bros. Animation
Country United States
Original run April 23, 2013 - present

Teen Titans Go! is a spin-off of the Teen Titans television series that first ran in April 2013 on Cartoon Network. Rather than just superhero action, it portrays the team in a cartoonier, sitcom fashion, covering what they do in their spare time when they are not saving the world.


TV series

Double Trouble (S01E05)

After clones of Cyborg and Beast Boy have invaded the Titans Tower, the team finds the real duo having escaped to an apartment building to take a vacation, where they have become very fat and lazy.

Laundry Day (S01E08)

One of the contests the team takes, in order to see who will handle the washing when they stain their uniforms after defeating a Slime Monster, is a Hot Dog Chowdown. Starfire ends up winning the contest, still skinny while the others are fat and unwell.

Starliar (S01E18)

Desperate for something to eat, Silkie eventually swallows a vacuum cleaner, causing him to suck up many things into his stomach. After finding and eating a can of his food (which he wanted all along), he regurgitates everything out.

Nose Mouth (S01E36)

Robin inflates Killer Croc in his dream.

Grandma Voice (S01E50)

Four of the Titans are trapped in Mother Mae-Eye's pie batter, and only Beast Boy eats it (even though it does not help any of them).

Sandwich Thief (S02E14)

Robin thinks Beast Boy may have eaten his missing perfect sandwich and gets Raven to transport him into his stomach to look. However, she neglects to shrink him first.

Vegetables (S02E16)

All of the Titans except for Beast Boy eat enough meat to fatten themselves up. They do it again, as does Vegetor, at the end.

Body Adventure (S02E21)

Robin fattens himself up just by eating a topping on Beast Boy's pizza while shrunken down.

Smile Bones (S02E29)

Cyborg and Beast Boy teach the other Titans to wolf down their food, rather than trust hunger. However, Cyborg and Beast Boy have given so much power to their bellies that they grow arms, legs and faces and take control. Towards the end of the episode, its revealed that Robin still has his belly, and says that hes in charge.

Real Boy Adventures (S02E30)

When Cyborg is Fleshy Guy, he ends up bloated from eating El Burdigato Supreme.

Multiple Trick Pony (S02E35)

Beast Boy gets a potbelly from his love of burritos while Kid Flash and Robin compete against each other.

Truth, Justice, and What? (S02E36)

The Titans go crazy eating pizza; Cyborg (as just a head) is the only one to have visibly bloated.

When the Titans fight the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, they become goofy with pizza and get an advantage. Starfire blows up one of the turtles.

More of the Same (S02E51)

Cyborg claims to have kept his last New Year's resolution, which was diet-related, only for his belly to spill out.

Dignity of Teeth (S03E03)

The Tooth Fairy, who likes eating teeth, challenges Raven to a tooth-eating competition with the Titans' teeth as the wager. She loses after Raven finds teeth delicious.

Grube's Fairytales (S03E11)

Cyborg and Beast Boy tell their own version of Hansel and Gretel, in which they (as the eponymous characters) eat the three witches' houses.

The True Meaning of Christmas (S03E19)

As Raven and Starfire are trying to find the naughty list, they stop to ask a gingerbread man where it might be, but quickly discover that his entire house is made of gingerbread and candy, which they promptly devour, piece by piece (including the gingerbread man himself).

Secret Garden (S03E22)

A few of the snakes Cyborg gathers for the new garden have apparently eaten some of the other animals.

The Cruel Giggling Ghoul (S03E23)

Cyborg and Beast Boy eat tall sandwiches they get from the snack shack, but get pains afterward.

Think About Your Future (S03E39)

In the beginning of the episode, the pelican appears stuffed after eating junk food.

The elderly Titans get in better shape after making the present Titans make better decisions, but become unhealthy before fading away when the present Titans return to their old ways. Also, Raven gets slightly stuffed after eating a whole bucket of fried chicken.

Crazy Desire Island (S03E44)

Beast Boy's wish is to eat cake, upsetting Robin when he doesn't regret anything.

Booby Trap House (S04E03)

Starfire and Cyborg are stuffed after trying to act "adult" by preparing and eating a candy-infused gourmet dinner.


TV Knight (S04E05)

After watching some TV and eating snacks, Batman has to use the bathroom.

Teen Titans Save Christmas (S04E06)

Santa Claus quits Christmas, so the Titans fill in to deliver the toys themselves. Robin takes the role of Santa by gaining weight and growing a beard.

BBRAE (Part One) (S04E12)

Easter Creeps (S04E18)

The Avogodo (S04E21)

Robin discovers that avocado is a super food, so he eats nothing but avocado, gains a pot belly, and transforms into Avogodo.

Thanksgetting (S04E43)

During Thanksgiving tradition #2, "Eating Too Much Food", Cyborg suggests turning the turkey into a turducken, explaining that it's three birds stuffed inside each other. After that, Robin states, "It's a tradition to eat until you can't eat anymore, and then go back for seconds," so he insists that the Titans follow the tradition and eat as much as possible until they cry. Starfire and Beast Boy end up visibly bloated.

Beast Girl (S04E47)

Beast Girl (Beast Boy's opposite gender counterpart) thinks she is actually Madame Rouge and tries to capture the Titans by eating them as a snake.

Strength of a Grown Man (S05E41)

Robin swallows a bomb that explodes inside him.

Where Exactly on the Globe Is Carl Sanpedro? Part 1 (S06E25)

While looking for Carl Sanpedro, the Titans stop at a restaurant. Robin orders five Gut Gusher sandwiches for all the Titans to eat, but, true to the name, their stomachs end up gushing. Later on, the Titans use the same Gut Gushers to destroy Carl Sanpedro's mech.


Bumgorf (S06E49)

Robin guesses that Silkie disappeared to become a bodybuilder. In his story, Silkie drowns his sorrow in fried chicken after being ridiculed for having chicken legs.

The Mug (S06E50)

Robin attempts to fix a leak, only to make it worse, and tries using Silkie to stop the water.

Fat Cats (S07E22)

Beast Boy is full after eating some potato chips.

Breakfast (S07E26)

The Titans eat more breakfast food at a diner.

A Doom Patrol Thanksgiving: Part 1 (S07E28)

Beast Boy explains that the toilet on the parade float represents how he poops after eating Thanksgiving dinner.

Later, after the Doom Patrol's float is ruined, Beast Boy comes up with the idea to make Elasti-Girl the float.

Glunkakakakah (S07E30)

When Cyborg is "it" in hide and seek, the other Titans hide inside Silkie.

Sweet Revenge (S07E40)

Robin's pack of wolves are full from eating either the other Titans or ice cream.

A Stickier Situation (S08E07)

Sticky Joe and his rat Howdy are swallowed by Hawkman, who intends to feed them to his young.

Intro (S08E22)

Wishbone (S08E26)


The Rocky Road to Love (#16, 2015)

In a flashback to last Valentine's Day, Robin is shown to have stuffed himself with ice cream out of distress from not being able to find a date. Later on, Cyborg and Beast Boy are also shown to have stuffed themselves with all of the ice cream left in the tower.

Starfire Starter (#33, 2016)

The Teen Titans are eaten by alien birds.

Bite Sized (#34, 2016)

Falling Stars (#57, 2018)

In this movie tie-in, the Teen Titans (except Cyborg) binge on pizza and milkshakes after being declared has-been heroes. Soon after Cyborg claims he's been accepted into the Justice League movie, Starfire convinces Robin, as well as the others, to get back on their feet and fight crime again, losing weight by the next page.

Teen Titans Go! - Undead (2022)


Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans (2019)

In order to defeat Hexagon, TTG Raven eats all the multiverse Ravens.

Later, TTG Robin swallows the Worlogog.