The Flash

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The Flash
Genre Superhero
Creator Gardner Fox
Harry Lampert
Publisher DC Comics
Country United States
Original run 1940 - present

The Flash is a superhero from the DC Comics universe created by Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert in 1940. A member of the Justice League, he is known for his "super-speed", running exceedingly fast and violating the laws of physics.

The Restaurant Protective Association (Flash Comics #18, 1941)

The Day the Flash Weighed 1000 Pounds! (The Flash Vol. 1 #115, 1960)

It's a Joker World, Baby, We Just Live In It! (Emperor Joker #1, 2000)

Life is But a Very Bad Dream (Adventures of Superman Vol. 1 #583, 2000)

All the World His Stage (Superman: The Man of Steel #105, 2000)

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