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Genre Superhero
Creator Paul Norris
Mort Weisinger
Publisher DC Comics
Country United States
Original run November 1941 - present

Aquaman is a DC Comics superhero who debuted in 1941, created by Mort Weisinger and Paul Norris. Not only is he a member of the Justice League, but also the king of Atlantis. His abilities are mostly related to water, such as telepathic communication with aquatic creatures.

Aquaman's Secret Powers! (Aquaman Vol. 1 #14, 1964)

Aquaman is given the power to transform his body four times. For his second use, he turns into a giant balloon to carry a sinking ship to safety.

Noble Deeds (Aquaman Vol. 5 #51, 1999)

Lagoon Boy has the power to expand like a pufferfish.

Landlovers (Aquaman Vol. 5 #54, 1999)

Justice for All (Young Justice: Sins of Youth #1, 2000)

Sins of Youth: The Stunning Conclusion (Young Justice: Sins of Youth #2, 2000)

Young, Just Us Too (Young Justice Vol. 1 #21, 2000)

Deep Soul Rising (Supergirl Vol. 4 #64, 2002)

The Fickle Hand (Part One) - Go East, Young Man (Titans East Special, 2008)

Fractured Part 2 (Titans Vol. 2 #22, 2010)