Close Enough

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Close Enough
CloseEnough poster.jpg
Genre Sitcom
Developer J. G. Quintel
Production company Cartoon Network Studios
Country United States
Original run July 9, 2020 - April 7, 2022

Close Enough is an American animated sitcom created by J. G. Quintel. It was originally meant to run on the television channel TBS in 2018, but it was delayed until 2020 when it was streamed on HBO Max, later to be cancelled and removed in 2022. The show follows Josh and Emily, a married couple in their thirties living in an apartment with their young daughter Candice. They also live with their divorced friends Alex and Bridgette, the landlady Pearle, and her adopted son Randy. They usually face domestic challenges which soon escalate into abnormal problems.

Prank War (S01E04a)

One of the snakes Josh used to try to prank Emily and Bridgette comes out of the restaurant having eaten someone.

The Canine Guy (S01E08)

The wench who works at Medieval Times has gotten fat over the years.

Meet the Frackers (S02E01b)

Randy's birth father Wyatt has gotten fat since his criminal days.

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