Ed, Edd n Eddy

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Ed, Edd n Eddy
Ed, Edd n Eddy logo.png
Genre Comedy
Developer Danny Antonucci
Production company a.k.a. Cartoon
Country Canada
United States
Original run January 4, 1999 - November 8, 2009

Ed, Edd n Eddy is a Canadian-American cartoon series created by adult cartoonist Danny Antonucci in 1999 that ran for a decade on Cartoon Network. It follows the adventures of scheming scam artist Eddy, smart but neurotic Edd—known as Double D—and well-meaning idiot Ed in a suburban cul-de-sac.

TV series

Pop Goes the Ed (S01E02a)

The Eds spend so much time in the kiddie pool that by night, their bodies have absorbed the water.

A Glass of Warm Ed (S01E10a)

Ed gets a habit of sleepwalking and stealing the whole Cul-de-sac's food for a midnight snack.

Flea-Bitten Ed (S01E10b)

The Eds try to cure Ed, who has swollen up to a gigantic size from his allergy to Rolf's rabbits.

Keeping Up with the Eds (S01E11b)

The Eds get Rolf's goat, Victor, to eat all the grass they made grow.

Know It All Ed (S02E01a)

Edd tries to blow through a pipe, so Eddy teaches him only to be blown up like a balloon by Ed at the other end.

Stop, Look and Ed (S02E08b)

As all the kids break the rules due to Eddy believing nothing bad will happen, Sarah and Jimmy get fat from eating a heap of ice cream in a kiddie pool.

Mirror, Mirror on the Ed (S02E11b)

While the Eds have exchanged lifestyles, Rolf is angry at Edd for not having feet as big as Ed (who he is supposed to act as) when stomping on raspberries. When the raspberry juice drains out of the container, the real Ed (as Eddy) saves them by shoving Eddy's (as Edd) mouth into the faucet, swallowing all the juice as well as Edd and Rolf.

Brother, Can You Spare an Ed? (S03E11a)

Ed buys jawbreakers with the money Sarah gave him to buy fudge. He swallows his whole.

One Size Fits Ed (S04E03a)

Jimmy wishes to become a superstar, so the Eds turn him into a sumo wrestler and try to get him to Japan.

Take This Ed and Shove It (S04E13)

A deleted scene shows that the elderly Eds are married to the Kankers. It also shows that Marie has gotten fat.

Every Which Way But Ed (S05E02b)

In Kevin's flashback, Nazz is revealed to have been overweight before. Kevin remembers this when Nazz says Rolf looks like she did when he is sticking out of a giant vegetable.



Tinker Ed (S05E08a)

Rolf becomes paranoid out of fears that his baloney will be stolen by the other kids, so he hides in the woods and eats it all, very fat when discovered by Nazz and Jonny.

Run Ed Run (S05E11a)

Sarah is full of jawbreakers after a field trip to the jawbreaker factory. So much so, that she throws up on Eddy.

The Eds are Coming, the Eds are Coming (Special 4)

Jonny attempts to attack the aliens by coming down the chimney, where green smoke is escaping from, but gets his head stuck and his whole body inflated.




Half Bak-Ed (Cartoon Cartoons #2, 2001)

The Eds get fat after saving themselves from a giant blob of cookie dough.

Luck of the Ed (Cartoon Cartoons #28, 2004)

Super Eds! (Cartoon Network Block Party #3, 2005)

A Spoonful of Ed (Cartoon Network Block Party #11, 2005)