Fables (comics)

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Fables Issue 1.png
Genre Contemporary fantasy, dark fantasy, urban fantasy
Creator Bill Willingham
Publisher Vertigo
Country United States

Fables is an American comic book series published by Vertigo Comics and created by Bill Willingham. The series featured many pencillers over its 13-year run which spanned from July 2002 to July 2015. It also had many spin-offs that focused on the various main characters. Fables was a critical and commercial success receiving several Eisner Awards and Hugo Award nominations.

The series is a contemporary take on class fairy tales, with many famous characters from folklore appearing in modern times. These characters refer to themselves as "Fables" and they live in an underground New York society called Fabletown. The story centers around Fabletown's representatives as they solve conflicts in the city and stop dangerous Fables. These characters include sheriff Bigby Wolf, mayor Snow White, Prince Charming and Boy Blue. The stories focus on their adventures but also their personal lives and attempts to keep the Fables a secret.

Fables #37

Boy Blue fights the dragon while trying to find a portal into another realm. Unable to fight it, he wraps his invincible Witching Cloak around its mouth and takes cover before it explodes from the pressure.