Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

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Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Genre Fantasy
Developer Craig McCracken
Production company Cartoon Network Studios
Country United States
Original run August 13, 2004 - May 3, 2009

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is a cartoon series created by animator Craig McCracken, creator of The Powerpuff Girls. It debuted as a television movie and had a broadcast history from August 13, 2004 to May 3, 2009, with a total of 6 seasons and 79 episodes.

It takes place in an orphanage built to care for imaginary friends whose owners have grown too old to interact with them anymore. The show follows the antics of the characters who run the place and the imaginary friends they look after, including Mac, a young boy who abandoned his imaginary friend Bloo out of force.

TV series

Dinner Is Swerved (S01E07)

While waiting for Mac and Bloo to arrive for dinner, several imaginary friends discreetly eat their meals unbeknownst to Mr. Herriman, shown by their distended stomachs.

Cookie Dough (S02E05)

Madame Foster starts baking special cookies that everyone, especially Frankie, loves, but when she mentions she only makes them once a year, Bloo takes the recipe and starts making his own for profit. Frankie goes crazy after hearing this and spends the entire episode stuffing herself. In the broadcast version of the credits, Frankie grows a potbelly from her addiction.

Hiccy Burp (S03E02)

Bloo wears a bikini to the pageant's swimsuit competition, just after Mac overfeeds him to get the hiccups back.

Imposter's Home for Um... Make 'Em Up Pals (S03E04)

Bloo eats everything in the refrigerator while hanging out with John McGee.

The Big Picture (S04E02)

Coco realizes she needs to lose weight, but she still gains it. However, she appears to have lost the belly after Frankie tells a fib about not liking being so skinny to the point of fiddling with the scale.

Squeeze the Day (S04E03)

Destination Imagination (S06E06-08)



Cheese's water horsey (a shark) swallows a torpedo that seems to explode inside it.


CheeseQuest 3D: The Brother Lady Saga

Similar to the bumper, Cheese's shark can swallow torpedoes, which gives more points than avoiding them does.


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