The Tom and Jerry Show (2014)

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The Tom and Jerry Show (2014)
Genre Comedy
Developer Joseph Barbera
William Hanna
Production company Warner Bros. Animation
Country United States
Original run March 1, 2014 - present

The Tom and Jerry Show is a Toon Boom-animated cartoon series that began airing on Cartoon Network in April 2014. It is based on the classic Tom and Jerry cartoons by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, continuing the antics of the iconic cat and mouse in the modern era.

Tom's In-Tents Adventure (S01E02b)

Jerry stuffs himself with camp food, none of which Tom can have.

Birthday Bashed (S01E03a)

Tom uses a helium tank to inflate Jerry, sending him floating up all the way into space. Eventually he deflates by belching.

Tom-Foolery (S01E07a)

Butch uses Jerry to open every can of cat food in the house, appearing very fat as a result, only to lose the weight after Jerry escapes. Later, Tom imagines that he would gain weight without a life of chasing Jerry.

One of a Kind (S01E08b)

Jerry steals Tom's cat food, swallowing the rest whole to prevent Tom from having any more.

Belly Achin' (S01E09a)

Jerry and Little Quacker stuff themselves with Tom's Chinese take-out, and Tom gets inflated for a few gags. Tom later eats both Jerry and Little Quacker.

Pets Not Welcome (S01E18b)

When inside the hotel, Tuffy sees a sandwich in the fridge and eats it.

Black Cat (S01E23b)

Tom swallows a cauldron full of black cat potion, causing patterns to flash on his body.

Curse Case Scenario (S01E26a)

Hunger Strikes (S01E24a)

Cat-Astrophe (S01E25b)

To Kill a Mockingbird (S02E07a)

Tom swallows a family of six young birds. Their mother then forces her way into Tom, before they all fight their way out.

Move It or Lose It (S02E19c)

Tom swells up with water after Jerry placed a hot coal in his sandwich.

Then Spike gets hooked on barbecued steaks to the point where he can't fit into his doghouse. He forces Tom to help him cut back on eating them and he eventually slims back down after chasing Tom around while Jerry starts eating the steaks Tom kept from him.

The episode ends with Jerry becoming too fat to fit in his mouse hole after eating so many steaks.

Dirty Rat (S02E22a)

Don’t Cut the Cheese (S03E01c)

While eating straight through the cheese Tom is supposed to be guarding, Jerry briefly appears bloated.

Cattyshack (S03E02b)

Jerry accidentally swallows one of the croquet balls.

Home Away from Home (S03E03a)

In an odd parallel version of his home, the other Spike that lives there forces Tom to drink several large gulps of the tea he prepared.

Live and Let Diet (S03E04a)

Tom is tasked with getting Alfred the dog back into shape, while Jerry manages to sabotage it by feeding Alfred and fattening him up even more.

Auntie Social (S03E04b)

While being mistaken for Tom at Rick’s Aunt’s house, Jerry gets to eat his fill of desserts and treats she’s prepared for him.

It’s All Relative (S03E05b)

One of Jerry’s cousins swallows an entire dessert pastry whole, then Jerry is force-fed and entire scoop of pudding by his other cousin, and then finally one of the cousins briefly appears bloated after eating a slice of bacon just before Tom and Jerry get rid of them.

Hamster Hoopla (S03E07a)

Jerry briefly swallows an entire wedge of cheese.

Everyone into the Pool (S03E12c)

Tom pours Jerry full of hot sauce while he’s in the bowl of chips.

Hockey Jockeys (S03E14b)

One of the air-hockey pucks gets swallowed by Tuffy.

The Royal Treatment (S03E15c)

Jerry is briefly seen stuffed while raiding the pantry.

Eggs on a Train (S03E53)

Tom and Jerry eat their fill at a diner, forcing them to spend the 10 dollars meant to pay for their train tickets.

Calorie Count (S3E67c)

Jerry's visiting uncle, a tall mouse named Count DeCalorie, has recently gone on a diet and lost weight since the last time Jerry saw him. However, unable to resist various desserts over the course of the episode, he gradually gains it all back and more to the point that he gets too fat for his clothes.

Suitable For Framing (S3E73)

A haunted portrait changes every time something happens to Tom.

Gym Rat (S04E01a)

Jerry has put on weight from being too inactive, but soon loses the weight and becomes muscular with his Cousin Muscles' exercise machine.

Scrunch Time (S04E02)

Tom and Jerry are obsessed over a crinkle ball. Tom first swallows it, before Jerry force-feeds himself to Tom to get it. Tom regurgitates Jerry and the ball, before Jerry then swallows it.

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