Tiny Toon Adventures

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Tiny Toon Adventures
Genre Comedy
Developer Tom Ruegger
Production company Amblin Entertainment
Warner Bros. Animation
Country United States
Original run September 14, 1990 - May 28, 1995

Tiny Toon Adventures is a cartoon series created by Tom Ruegger and executively produced by Steven Spielberg. It originally ran from September 1990 to May 1995. In 1993, it was spun off into Animaniacs, a show centering around three characters that the Tiny Toons encounter in one episode.

The series follows the many antics of a group of younger counterparts to the popular Looney Tunes characters, all students of the Acme Looniversity, set up by the original characters themselves to teach cartoon characters lessons on comedy.

The Wheel o' Comedy (S01E03)

Devil Doggie

Dizzy floats away when Elmyra uses an excessive amount of shampoo on him.

Optical Intrustion

Furrball sets off a fire hydrant trying to remove his 3D glasses, shooting him into the car dump and filling him up.

Test Stressed (S01E04)

Lil' Sneezer

Furrball finally catches Sneezer and swallows him, but the mouse sneezes inside his stomach, causing him to inflate.

Stuff That Goes Bump in the Night (S01E08)

Fang You Very Much

Furrball Follies (S01E15)

Cross-Country Kitty

With no other way of getting back to Mary Melody, Furrball stops by a gas station and inflates himself to the size of a skyscraper and then deflates, landing right back next to her.

Life in the 90's (S01E17)

Babs ends up round and wobbly when she swallows a giant donut whole.

Butt Out

One of Babs' attempts to get the smoking Roderick and Rhubella Rat out is by pumping them up with helium so that they deflate out of the restuarant.

Cinemaniacs! (S01E21)


"Wex Wuthor" fattens up Babs with her superhero weakness: carrot cake.

You Asked For It (S01E22)

Debunante Devil

Babs fills Dizzy up with rocks that get bigger and bigger until she feeds him a rock as big as his body.

Duck Out of Luck

Plucky turns into a gigantic, fat monster who climbs up the Empire State Building, steals Shirley the Loon and eventually meets King Kong himself.

Gang Busters (S01E23)

Buster, Plucky and Gogo surround Max as the "Fat Guys" while rapping.

Buster and the Wolverine (S01E25)

Buster's friends have been eaten by a wolverine, so he gets them out with their musical talent and a mallet.

Spring In Acme Acres (S01E32)

Elmyra's Spring Cleaning

Elmyra's pet goldfish needs water, but instead she feeds him all the salted peanuts in her box, adding some extra salt.

Strange Tales of Weird Science (S01E38)

Duck in the Muck

Montana Max falls into the toxic sludge and grows into a fat, two headed, dragon-tailed mutant monster.

Looniversity Daze (S01E42)

Eating Between the Lines

What's Up, Nurse?

Plucky Duck gets pumped up by an oxygen tank while trying to escape.

Weirdest Stories Ever Told (S01E54)

Elmyra's 'Round The World

One of Elmyra's worldwide relatives is a sumo version of herself.

Brave Tales of Real Rabbits (S01E59)

And All That Rot

How Sweetie It Is (S01E60)

Let's Do Lunch

Sweetie Pie is kicked out the house. Furrball accidentally swallows her, to the satisfaction of his stomach. As the cartoon ends, he spits her out.

The Raven

Sweetie Pie plays tricks on Edgar Allan Poe, one of them being sending him a box of Valentine chocolates. Unluckily for him, Sweetie herself has eaten all of them.

Here's Hamton (S01E62)

Hamton stuffs himself with breakfast from a funnel.

K-ACME TV (S01E64)

I Love Dizzy

Dizzy gets fired from eating all the cakes in a factory.

High Toon (S01E65)

The Coyote Kid and his gang cool their mouths down with water from the hottest chili in the world. Still bloated, they are challenged to a square dance until they are arrested.

Hog-Wild Hamton (S02E04)

Dizzy becomes the shape of a refrigerator after eating one whole.

Toon Physics (S02E06)

A Cub For Grub

In an episode that demonstrates cartoon physics, Furrball swallows a tent, which leaves him feeling weak and flat. He pumps himself up excessively, to which Orson Whales responds, "In real physics, helium would be needed to make a balloon rise. In Furrball's case, any old gas would do. For comedy's sake, a can of baked beans might have been funnier."

Acme Cable TV (S02E07)


Buster and Babs parody the characters of Dan and Roseanne Conner, appearing very fat and greedy.

Washingtoon (S03E11)

The Members of Congress interrupt Buster by saying, "Fillibuster!" Babs plays on this word by filling Buster with air.

Toon TV (S03E12)

Toon Out, Toon In

Hamton is seen gaining too much weight for the scale to properly tell.

The Horror of Slumber Party Mountain (S03E16)

Elmyra "loves a stuffed animal", so she stuffs Furrball with popcorn. The aftermath is shown in the last shot of the episode.

Weekday Afternoon Live (S03E17)

Blard Simpleton is eaten by an alien monster which shortly afterwards gets spots and turns green and explodes, all as a demonstration for how Buster and Babs' show isn't like his.

We're Going to Blow You Up

Hamton tries to be as muscular as Buster and Plucky by inflating himself under their demand, but inflates himself so excessively he looks fatter than he used to be.

Best of Buster Day (S03E19)

Max's refrigerator is raided by Buster and Babs, who are supposed to be his butler and maid.

It's a Wonderful Tiny Toon Christmas Special

Night Ghoulery

A devil dog eats Babs.

Furrball eats Sneezer while they are both ghosts, then Furrball inflates and explodes after Sneezer sneezes inside his stomach.

During the ending song Dizzy Devil eats all of the Halloween candy after trick or treating and his stomach is completely full.

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