¡Mucha Lucha!

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¡Mucha Lucha!
Mucha Lucha-Logo.jpg
Genre Comedy
Developer Eddie Mort
Lili Chin
Production company Fwak! Animation
Warner Bros. Animation
Country United States
Original run August 17, 2002 - February 26, 2005

¡Mucha Lucha! is an American animated cartoon series created by Eddie Mort and Lili Chin which began airing on Kids’ WB and Cartoon Network in August 17, 2002 and ran until February 26, 2005. The show’s premise takes place in a fictional town known as Luchaville where every citizen aspires to become a Lucha libre wrestler using their own unique skills, styles, and abilities. The show primary focuses on a trio of kids known as, Rikochet, Buena Girl, and the Flea and their numerous adventures with their friends while attending the Foremost World-Renowned International School of Lucha.

Weight Gaining (S01E01b)

Rikochet needs to put on weight to get in the same weight class as three other students before he can fight them in the ring. His efforts soon backfire when he grows to a massive size and is then too big to fight them.

A "Livin' Large Rikochet" toy based on the episode was also released.

Mask Mitzvah (S01E07b)

Once El Rey recovers his leg, Masked Dog eats the drumstick he was using as a replacement.

Mask Away (S01E13)

While stranded on a deserted island with no one to tell him what to do, Rikochet gorges himself on coconuts.

Meet the Muertos (S02E11a)

Masked Dog eats Rikochet's Die De Los Muertos diorama, and spits it back up at the end of the episode. Then when the Flea stuffs himself with leftover Die De Los Muertos candy, that gives Rikochet the idea to feed Calavera Muertos, because he will be forced to return to the Land of the Dead when he's full.

La Bruja (S02E15a)

The Flea is seen stuffed after eating his bakery statue.