Tom and Jerry in New York

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Tom and Jerry in New York
Tom and Jerry in New York Promo.jpg
Genre Comedy
Developer William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Sam Register
Production company Warner Bros. Animation
Country United States
Original run July 1, 2021 - present

Tom and Jerry in New York is an American-animated television series based on the Tom and Jerry series of cartoons originally created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. This series was released exclusively on the HBO Max streaming service beginning in July 2021. Loosely based on the 2021 Tom & Jerry movie, the series’ premise has the titular duo chasing and outwitting each other at the Royal Gate Hotel in Manhattan, New York.

Bubble Gum Crisis (S01E01c)

Jerry is briefly full after swallowing three gumballs. Then Tom is briefly inflated after accidentally swallowing a bubble he had blown.

Mousequerade (S01E01d)

A crocodile swallows Tom before spitting him back out.

Stormin’ The Doorman (S01E03d)

After being stepped on by a million of people, Tom reinflates himself back to normal by blowing through his thumb.

Room Service Robots (S01E05a)

Jerry eats all the room service food Tom ordered.

Coney Island Adventure (S01E05b)

Jerry is filled up with the water he used to inflate Tom’s head.

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