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Bunnicula is an American animated TV series produced by Warner Bros. Animation based on the book series written by James and Deborah Howe. It premiered in February 2016 on Cartoon Network and is still currently in production. The shows premise focuses on the paranormal adventures of a vampire bunny who sucks juice out of vegetables instead of blood.

Alligator Tears (S01E04)

Harold gives Chester mouth-to-mouth after saving him from drowning.

Son of Bunnicula (S01E09)

To return to normal size, Bunnicula inflates.

Ghost Chef (S01E20)

Following the Ghost of Renée's instructions, Harold cleans up the kitchen by eating all the messy food stains. He is then briefly bloated when Mina returns and notices how clean the kitchen is. Then while gathering salty items to ward off Renée's ghost, Harold winds up eating several jars of pickles. Using him like a machine gun, Chester makes him spit them back up to defeat her.

Collar Me Crazy (S01E31)

Bunnicula inflates and turns into other shapes when given a silver collar by Mina.

Revenge of the Return of the Curse of the Weredude (S02E05)

Bunnicula gets fat after eating a lot of carrots.

On Mina’s Secret Service (S02E06)

Bunnicula inflates and explodes when told to play dead.

Legend of the Lucky Locket (S02E16)

Harold claims he'll work hard to be as buff as his future self, but while bench-pressing a bag of dog food, it accidentally empties out into his mouth.

Cat-Aclysm (S02E19)

Bunnicula who is turned into a cat stuffs himself full of fish. He later stuffs himself full of catnip.

Beach Blanket Bunn (S02E26)

After the beach ball falls into the ocean, Bunnicula inflates himself to become a ball. Later, he releases a powerful fart to escape the shark that ate him and the other pets.

Bunn Vs. (S02E28)

Harold challenges Bunnicula to beat a flood, which he does by swallowing it. Harold then challenges Bunnicula to beat a drought, so he flies to a desert to spit the water out.

Bunn In Space (S02E29)

Bunnicula inflates with gas when he eats cabbage. He later uses this to propel himself through space.

Yellow Bellied Sound Sucker (S02E35)

A birdlike creature called the Yellow Bellied Sound Sucker steals and eats the sounds all over the city making a remix. Over the episode, the bird grows until it is very large and fat. In the end Chester and Bunnicula figure out they can get all the sounds back by overloading the bird so he grows even larger until he regurgitates the sounds.

Harold The Vampire Pointer (S02E38)

Bunnicula is transformed into a fat monster after eating a pile of vegetables.

Termites (S03E04)

Bunnicula gets inflated with a large number of termites.

Take the Bunny and Run (S03E08)

Bunnicula and Chester tried to train Harold and get him in shape for a rematch in a dog race, they motivated him by feeding him sausages, however, Harold becomes stuffed as a result where he is too exhausted.