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Genre Comedy
Developer Tom Ruegger
Production company Amblin Entertainment
Warner Bros. Animation
Country United States
Original run September 13, 1993 - November 14, 1998

Animaniacs is a cartoon series created by Tom Ruegger and executive produced by Steven Spielberg for Warner Bros. Animation that aired from September 1993 to November 1998, and has achieved cult success for many years afterwards.

It consists of cartoon segments focusing on various characters in each episode, mainly the adventures of Yakko, Wakko and Dot; three cartoon siblings who were locked inside the Warner Bros. water tower for six decades in the 1930s. One of its segments, Pinky and the Brain, was successful enough to earn its own spin-off series.

The show's long-lived popularity eventually prompted a revival series taking place in modern day, which began streaming on Hulu from November 2020 to February 2023.

Original Series

De-Zanitized (S01E01a)

Dr. Scratchansniff tries to ask what Wakko is feeling, asking to expand on it, which Wakko does by literally inflating himself.



Comic version

This version plays out differently by having Wakko inflate himself using one of his fingers.

Meatballs Or Consequences (S01E19a)

Wakko is stuffed with meatballs during a meatball-eating contest, and remains this way throughout the first half of the segment.

Plane Pals (S01E22b)

Be Careful What You Eat (S01E23a)

The Warners finish their song with a verse about the aftermath of having too much junk food.

Jockey for Position (S01E27c)

Moby Or Not Moby/Mesozoic Mindy/The Good, The Boo And The Ugly (S01E28)

In the first Good Idea, Bad Idea segment, it is demonstrated that it's a bad idea to hold your breath after you jump in a pool, as in underwater, as opposed to holding your breath before you jump in.



Hiccup (S01E33d)

The Goodfeathers attempt to cure Squit's hiccups by forcing him to drink out of a water sprinkler, but he is so overfilled that he is sprayed away.

Survey Ladies (S01E43c)

In a gag that references "Mission: Impossible", Wakko swallows a recorded message that self-destructs.

Whistle Stop Mindy (S02E03b)

Buttons grabs on to a gas hose at the back of a train, which pumps air into the dog.

Miami Mama-Mia (S02E04a)

One of Pesto's troubles in Miami involves him getting devoured by an alligator.

U.N. Me (S03E01c)

Wakko eats up everything in the United Nations cafeteria.

Three Tenors and You're Out (S03E02b)

Slappy forces Pepperoni to inhale so deeply for the final note that he inflates and deflates like a balloon.

Star Truck (S03E03b)

In a parody of Star Trek, the Warners introduce Squatty to donuts, giving him an addiction that fattens him up eventually.

The Kid in the Lid (S03E05c)

While stuck in a toilet, Charlton Woodchuck briefly puffs up as the water backs up and causes it to burst out of the floor.

Jokahontas (S04E03a)

Benjimin and Jerome take a great interest in the Warners' ice cream recipe, eventually developing the ice cream brand name "Ben & Jerry's".

Soda Jerk (S04E04c)

Amazing Gladiators (S04E06b)

In a parody of American Gladiators, the Petersons gorge themselves in a pool of franks and beans, coming out very overweight.

Pitter Patter of Little Feet (S04E08a)

Brain is injected with hippopotamus vaccine, making grow as fat as one.

He also grows larger when the Hip Hippos overfill him with dinner.

Acquaintances (S05E03b)

In a parody of Friends, Monica reveals to the Warners she used to have a weight problem. However, she begins to binge after Dot tells her to "Have a snack." As a result, Monica gains all the weight she previously lost back.

The Brain's Apprentice (S05E08b)

2020 Hulu Revival

Animaniacs 2020.jpg
Genre Comedy
Developer Wellesley Wild
Steven Spielberg
Production company Amblin Television
Warner Bros. Animation
Country United States
Original run November 20, 2020 - February 17, 2023

Bun Control (S01E04a)

During the introductions of the anime fight sequence, Wakko swallows a bomb that explodes inside him.

Equal Time (S01E06c)

Wakko eats all the states on a map of the USA.

France, France Revolution (S01E07b)

After eating several of Marie Antoinette’s lavish cakes, Yakko and Wakko suddenly become fat and burst out of their disguises.

WhoDonut (S01E08a)

Wakko appears stuffed after eating more, newly bought donuts and having a sugar crash.

Fear and Laughter in Burbank (S01E11b)

Nickelwise the clown becomes bloated after eating people's souls. Wakko also squeezes his bloated stomach after realizing he’s been eating several fake, plastic food items.

Hindenburg Cola (S01E13a)

Dr. Scratchansniff has food poisoning from eating bad sauerkraut.

Wakkiver Twist (part 1) (S02E08a)

Wakko drinks multiple bowls of soup.

A Brief History of History (S02E11a)

Wakko appears as an overfed decadent when Yakko explains the development of agriculture.

Narf Over Troubled Water (S02E12c)

Pinky eats rocks from a cactus centerpiece.

Santamaniacs (S03E09b)

While singing "We Could Try to Do It, Santa", the Warners enlarge themselves in weight until they burst, creating a black hole.


00 cover.jpg
Genre Comedy
Creator Tom Ruegger
Publisher DC Comics
Warner Bros. Family Entertainment Reading
Country United States
Original run May 1995 - April 2000

Ice Cream of Genie! (#1, 1995)

Wakko wishes for a large quantity of pistachio-nut-fudge-floorwax-and-Brussels-sprout flavored ice cream, and when he gets it he eats the whole lot in one gulp.

Beauty or the Beast (#17, 1996)

Grande! (#20, 1996)

The Warners Sing Science (#28, 1997)

Little Wacko in Snoreburg (#41, 1998)

Warner Twins (#45, 1999)

Riki-Tiki Terror! (#50, 1999)

The Contest (#53, 1999)


Wakko's Wish (film)

Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs: Wakko's Wish
Wakko's Wish VHS cover.jpg
Genre Comedy
Directed by Liz Holzman
Rusty Mills
Tom Ruegger
Production companies Amblin Entertainment
Warner Bros. Animation
Release date December 21, 1999

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