Cartoon Monsoon

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Cartoon Monsoon
Genre Comedy
Developer Various creators
Production company Warner Bros. Animation
Noodlesoup Productions
Country United States
Original run March 4, 2003 - September 20, 2004

Cartoon Monsoon is an animated anthology web series created by Warner Bros. which ran in the early 2000s. Its purpose was to show pilots to viewers easily with the most popular ones possibly getting made into a full television series for Kids WB. Two titles (Go! Go! Moba Boy! and Edgar and the Voyagers) did get picked up, but they were scrapped during production even though the earlier had a 2004 extended pilot.

Go! Go! Moba Boy!: Part 1 (S01E05)

Ducky tells Motoro and Roxinaou that he made chocolate pudding in his swimming pool and gained forty pounds from eating it.

Undercover Dog: Fido Gets Fat (S01E08)

"Fido" gains weight from eating too many Meat E Snaxx.

Creepwood Part 1 (S02E07)

When the zombie is blasted, he inflates before melting into goo.

Food Chain Lesson 2: The Mating Game (S02E10)

A baby bird devours its father just after hatching.