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Leading Comics is a comic book series that ran from 1942 to 1955. It was printed by DC Comics at the time when it was two companies, National Comics and All-American Publications. National Comics created the series which originally starred the Seven Soldiers of Victory, a team of superheroes made from the company's other anthologies. Because the superhero genre became less popular, the format changed after fourteen issues, becoming a humor anthology about funny animals. The main feature later became stories of Peter Porkchops, and others included Pelican Pete, Roly and Poly, and Puss 'n Pooch. The comic's title also changed to Leading Screen Comics at some point.

A Short Fable On Why Leopards Always See Spots (#18, 1946)

#25, 1947

#30, 1948

#43, 1950

#45, 1950

#51, 1951

#57, 1952

On The Map! (#70, 1954)

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