Victor and Valentino

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Victor and Valentino
Victor and Valentino - Promo.jpg
Genre Fantasy
Developer Diego Molano
Production company Cartoon Network
Country United States
Original run March 30, 2019 - August 26, 2022

Victor and Valentino is an American animated TV series created by Diego Molano and produced by Cartoon Network, which began airing in March 2019. The series focuses on the titular half-brothers, Victor and Valentino, who encounter many mythical creatures and phenomenon during their day-to-day life of living with their grandmother in the fictional Mexican town of Monte Macabre.

Folk Art Foes (S01E01)

The trickster spirit HueHue swallows Victor’s luchador wrestling outfit after animating it and dancing with it.

Journey to Maiz Mountain (S02E11)

While still miniature-sized, Sal eats the single corn kernel he obtained from the ant queen, which allows him to produce even more corn before returning himself, Victor, and Valentino back to their normal sizes.

Folk Art Friends (S02E20)

Botero, the alebrije spirit of excess and self-indulgence, consumes most of the food sources in Monte Macabre before Victor and Valentino manage to seal him away again.