The Amazing World of Gumball

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The Amazing World of Gumball
Genre Comedy
Developer Ben Bocquelet
Production company Cartoon Network Development Studio Europe
Country United Kingdom
United States
Original run May 3, 2011 - June 24, 2019

The Amazing World of Gumball is a British animation series (though episodes usually aired in the US first) debuting in May 2011 and wrapping up production in June 2019. The series chronicles the Watterson family, primarily the mischievous adventures of Gumball Watterson, a naive cat, and his adopted goldfish brother, Darwin.

The Laziest (S01E11)

After Gumball and Darwin keep pestering Larry to beat Richard in a lazy-off, and causing him to lose his job, car, and girlfriend, he reverts to his former self known as Lazy Larry.

The Ghost (S01E12)

Carrie keeps possessing Gumball's body in order to eat, causing him to gain weight a few times.

The Gi (S01E15)

Nicole imagines Gumball and Darwin to grow up fat and lazy.

The Picnic (S01E20)

Banana Joe has had three helpings during the field trip.

The Wand (S01E29)

Gumball drinks the water from the sink to convince Richard that a magic wand can unclog the pipes.

The Microwave (S01E33)

Gumball feeds donuts to birds to collect their poop.

Later, Gumball defeats Kenneth, the monster he created, by inadvertently filling him with water until he explodes.

Christmas (S02E15)

Richard is worried he will be on the naughty list after accidently hitting Santa with the car, so he tries to do nice things at the hospital. He ends up causing Marvin's ventilator to pop him.

The Authority (S02E19)

Gumball, Darwin and Anais gain Richard's characteristics after being sheltered by Granny JoJo's bad parenting techniques.

The Dream (S02E23)

Gumball forces Penny to eat a blueberry muffin, causing her to swell up as she is allergic.

The Storm (S02E27)

After Carmen hears about Alan dating Masami, she swells up in sadness as it rains on her.

The Internet (S02E37)

Darwin becomes fat for a few seconds from watching a puppy video.

The Kids (S03E01)

During the rap number, Gumball raps about how it's fine for him to eat candy and be chubby.

The Allergy (S03E16)

Darwin inflates during a sneeze.

The Password (S03E18)

Gumball feeds Richard a large sandwich.

The Countdown (S03E35)

Gumball and Darwin end up in an alternate timeline where their classmates are fat.

The Downer (S03E37)

Gumball imitates his family, including Richard, after making some food.

The Advice (S04E23)

Gumball and Darwin accidentally knock over the oxygen machine needed for Tobias, so Gumball tries pumping it, inflating Tobias.

The Loophole (S05E10)

When Darwin chokes, Bobert uses his hand as a hose to inflate him.

The Matchmaker (S05E16)

As Terri and Darwin are succumbed to Carrie's love potion and Gumball has learned the truth about Darwin's real crush, Gumball and Carrie try to get them to split up by overfeeding Darwin in his sleep. This plan backfires when the love potion takes effect on Terri again the next day. "That means there's more of you to love!"



The Console (S05E18)

When doing a sidequest for the Crocodile Woman, Gumball gains the appearance of a stereotypical overweight gamer.

The Stars (S05E22)

Gumball and Darwin overeat at Larry's restaurant, and loosen their belts. They immediately lose weight in the next shot.




The Diet (S05E24)

Richard attempts to lose weight by going on several different diets all at once, resulting in him putting on even more weight.

The Menu (S05E27)

In order to learn the name of the secret menu item, Richard has to eat a burger at every Joyful Burger restaurant in Elmore within one hour.

The Worst (S05E35)

While Anais takes Richard's place as an adult, she gains weight from eating a doughnut due to a slow metabolism. She gains even more weight after breathing some air. 

The Line (S05E38)

Gumball impersonates an overweight online movie reviewer.

The Stink (S06E26)

Mr. Small lets a leech suck his blood, but it takes too much.

The Master (S06E32)

The family briefly takes a snack break, which leads to them nearly entering a food coma both in and out the game with Nicole being visibly bloated in reality.

The Decisions (S06E42)

Alan bloats up with water trying to stop the mall from flooding.

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