Elliott from Earth

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Elliott from Earth
Elliott from Earth-Poster.jpg
Genre Sci-Fi
Developer Guillaume Cassuto
Mic Graves
Tony Hull
Production company Cartoon Network Studios Europe
Country United Kingdom
Original run March 29, 2021 - present

Elliott from Earth is a British animated television series. The show was created by Guillaume Cassuto, Mic Graves, and Tony Hull, and first aired on Cartoon Network in March 2021. The series follows Elliott, an 11-year-old human boy who, along with his mother, is transported to a highly-advanced extraterrestrial space colony known as the Centrium, which is home to hundreds of different alien species coexisting together.

Problematic Prophecies (S01E12)

As Elliott and Mo experience life with Nara’s future sight, they avoid a small alien that has an allergic reaction to a piece of fruit that falls from above.

Temporal Tedium (S01E13)

Preston mistakingly puffs up a creature at a petting zoo.

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