Johnny Bravo

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Johnny Bravo
Johnny bravo logo.png
Genre Comedy
Developer Van Partible
Production company Hanna-Barbera Cartoons
Cartoon Network Studios
Country United States
Original run July 14, 1997 - August 27, 2004

Johnny Bravo is a Cartoon Network original series created by Van Partible. Its pilot first aired in 1995 and popularity gave it a full-fledged series in 1997, ending in 2004 with four seasons. A notable change is that the humor is not as mature in the second and third seasons, being aimed at a younger audience. The show centers on a muscular and dimwitted man who tries and fails to get women to date him, usually with comedic slapstick.

TV series

Jumbo Johnny (S01E10a)

Johnny buys a protein shake called Uber Mass to gain more muscle, but he gets fat instead due to not following the recommendations. After drinking another can, he grows to the size of a building. He gets the antidote in the end, but gets a tiny body from not following recommendations again.

The Man with the Golden Gut (S02E10b)

Law and Disorder (S02E17b)

Johnny eats weenies while briefly being held hostage.

A Walk on the Stupid Side (S03E11a)

Johnny's Mother tries to get him out of a marathon by feeding him a ton of shrimp and black bean egg rolls to make him sleepy.

The Color of Mustard (S03E16b)

At the start of the episode, Johnny becomes overweight from drinking root beer out of depression due to badminton accident that injured a hot dog vendor.


Johnny Bravo Bumper


Lion Taming


Domina Delivers (Cartoon Network Starring... #6, 2000)

Night Shift Johnny (Cartoon Network Block Party #23, 2006)

Johnny Bravo Goes to Bollywood

In the beginning of the movie, Johnny is fat from eating lots of junk food, looking like the has-been the program he's watching says he is.