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Unikitty logo.jpg
Genre Comedy
Slice of Life
Developer Ed Skudder
Lynn Wang
Production company The Lego Group
Warner Bros. Animation
Country United States
Original run October 27, 2017 - August 27, 2020

Unikitty! is a spin-off American animated TV series based on the titular character, Unikitty, who originated from the 2014 animated film The LEGO Movie. Full episodes promoted as “sneak peaks” were released throughout the end of 2017 while the show officially premiered on Cartoon Network in January 2018, ending in August 2020. Separate from the canon of The LEGO Movie, Unikitty is now the ruler of the colorful and whimsical Unikingdom. Joining her is a new cast of characters, including: her little brother, Puppycorn, her bodyguard, Hawkodile, the kingdom’s resident scientist, Dr. Fox, and Richard, her royal advisor. Together, they strive to fix the problems of the kingdom and avoid negativity at all costs.

Fire & Nice (S01E06)

Unikitty’s separated anger forces Cookie Guy to eat his entire gingerbread house.

Stuck Together (S01E12)

A bird swallows Master Frown's body.

Little Prince Puppycorn (S01E13)

Because of one of Puppycorn's new rules, Dino Dude gets fat from eating pizza all the time.

Big Pup, Little Problem (S01E32)

Dino Dude gets a stomachache from eating a bad bean which bloats his stomach with gas.

No Sleep Sleepover (S02E07)

Unikitty orders a ton of pizzas for everyone to eat at their sleepover, but they're all immediately eaten by Puppycorn.

Unfairgrounds, Part 1 (S02E08)

Puppycorn overeats at a Food On A Stick stand.

Cheerleading (S02E25)

Puppycorn's verse during the roll call portion of the group's cheer features him quickly eating two pizzas at once.

The Big Trip (S02E29)

As part of Hawkodile's vacation training, he has the others eat steel objects to get guts of steel.



Bedtime Stories (S02E35)

Unikitty is briefly shown stuffed after eating the witch’s gingerbread house.

Wiener Club (S03E02)

Puppycorn discovers an underground hot dog eating organization called “Wiener Club”, where various members of the Unikingdom are seen stuffing themselves. He strives to become the Hot Dog King by out-eating everyone in the club, which slowly transforms him into an actual hot dog.

Unikitty and the Ice Pop Factory (S03E10)

As Master Frown and Brock try to stop Unikitty and the gang from finding the winning Ice Pop stick, Brock has eaten so many Ice Pops that he gets picked up by the ambulance at the end of the episode.

Dawn of the Donut (S03E12)

When delivering donuts via handheld cannons, Unikitty shoots a large number of them which land in Green Mom's mouth.

Baby Caterpillar (S03E15)

When Puppycorn plays ball with Fuzz Fuzz, the radioactive caterpillar Unikitty is raising, Fuzz Fuzz swallows the ball.

The Very Best Candy (S03E20)

Puppycorn puts a handful of candy directly into his stomach.