We Baby Bears

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We Baby Bears
Genre Fantasy
Developer Manny Hernandez
Daniel Chong
Sam Register
Production company Cartoon Network Studios
Country United States
Original run January 1, 2022 - present

We Baby Bears is a spin-off animated cartoon series based on We Bare Bears originally created by Daniel Chong. Like its predecessor, the show was produced by Cartoon Network, and first officially aired in January 2022. Taking place before the events of We Bare Bears, the series follows bear cub brothers Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear as they search for a home to call their own. After wishing on a falling star, their cardboard box becomes a magical vehicle that can transport them to a wide variety of different worlds. Compared to the original series, the adventures of the baby bears are much more fantastical and imaginative.

Bears and the Beanstalk (S01E02)

Ice Bear imagines swallowing an entire golden egg whole.

Big Trouble Little Babies (S01E16)

When the bears wish to become tall enough for the amusement park attractions, Zorpo the mechanical fortune teller gives them a growth serum. They eventually argue over who gets to be the tallest and end up destroying the park with their fighting. After the bears come to their senses, Zorpo agrees to change them back to their original size.

Dragon Pests (S01E23)

Staying in a dragon-sized house while the owners are away, the bears and Squatter Otter gorge themselves on their food.

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