Quack Pack

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Quack Pack
Genre Adventure
Production company Walt Disney Television Animation
Country United States
Original run September 3, 1996 - November 28, 1996

Quack Pack is a cartoon show featuring Donald Duck and his family that only ran from early September to late November 1996 as part of the Disney Afternoon block.

The show takes place in a time where Huey, Dewie and Louie are now teenagers, as cameraman Donald Duck and news reporter Daisy Duck travel around the world in search of anything newsworthy.

Tasty Paste (S01E09)

Daisy Duck is hooked on the new Tasty Paste, which tastes better than it looks, and has grown very fat during the filming of a segment in her new TV show, which needs advertising. Daisy loses the weight when the executives cut her pay.

Hit the Road, Backwater Jack (S01E34)

As Donald is suffering from jungle fever, his head inflates, sending him up in the air. He tries to get rid of it but the air goes down to his body. A fly stops by his bill for a place to have his meal and peppers his very tiny chicken, causing Donald to sneeze the air out. Daisy's head inflates at the end, but that is all there is to see.

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