Disney Animated Shorts

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Disney Animated Shorts are cartoons created by Walt Disney and starring Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and various characters.

Moving Day (1936)

Donald Duck's beak gets lodged in the gas line, inflating him after he frees himself from the fish bowl.

Beach Picnic (1939)

Pluto inflates after biting on the air nozzle of a beach floaty.

T-Bone For Two (1942)

Pluto inflates Butch via a bike horn after Butch gets his mouth stuck in a fence.

Victory Vehicles (1943)

A fat Goofy makes a brief appearance riding a pogo stick.

Plutopia (1951)

In Pluto's dream sequence, Milton feeds him a lot of steaks after he gets bitten several times, resulting in an overweight Pluto. He also appears bloated later in his dream when Milton feeds him dog treats.