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Disney Infinity is a 2013 sandbox platformer video game with a tie-in toyline that lasted from 2013-2016. Comparable to Skylanders, toys collected are used within the game. These toys are characters from a variety of Disney franchises popular at the time of the game's release, including The Incredibles, Pirates of the Caribbean, Phineas and Ferb and Frozen, the two sequels that followed included Marvel in 2.0 and Star Wars in 3.0 into the mix.

One of the unlockable items for the player to use is the Glow Urchin from Monsters University. When applied to a character, a portion of that character swells, usually being either the waist or the head (usually depending on the character's overall gender in some cases).

The 2.0 edition (Marvel Superheroes) introduced the item called the Action Enforcer, which can be set to cause the same effects as the Glow Urchin, under the effect Bloat.

Another unlockable item in the 3.0 edition is a Wall-E Hoverchair vehicle mount. When a Disney or Pixar character rides it, their midsection swells similar to the Glow Urchin effects to mimic the chubby appearance of the humans from WALL-E (however due to an unintentional glitch in-game for some reason, the chair's bloating effect does not work on the Marvel or Star Wars characters, leaving the chair mostly unfinished in terms of animations).

Also in 3.0 in the Inside Out playset has a level where 1 of the bat enemies swallows a memory orb causing it to swell up into a round ball that can be rode on, Joy, Anger, Disgust, Sadness and Fear then rides on the bat to complete the level.

It's confirmed that two new characters (which are also set to be the final characters of the entire series) that's set to arrive in June 2016 are Nemo and Dory from the upcoming Finding Dory (via an update) to commemorate the film, they will have the ability to bloat any character via blowing bubbles at them as their range attack (making them the first and only characters with the Bloat ability already equipped without the need of the Urchins), it's confirmed that their bloat will be the exact same effect as the Urchin's effect.

Playable Characters

Non-playable Characters






  • Mrs. Incredible (aka Elastigirl) is currently the only known playable female character in the entire series to receive two different waist expansions as well as being the only known playable female to have her waist affected by the Glow Urchin (if one doesn't count Holley Shiftwell (due to her being a car) and Dory (due to her being a fish) all playable female characters affected by the Urchin (starting with Violet) will receive head inflation instead.
  • Mr. Incredible's Wall-E Hoverchair bloat look strongly resembles how he looked in the post 15 year time skip in The Incredibles movie where he was shown to be overweight (due to his midlife crisis), his waist expansion is shown to reflect that appearance in the film.
  • Certain large bulky characters (such as Wreck-it Ralph, Sulley and Baymax being huge examples) will be very hard to see their Wall-E Hover chair bloat unless zoomed in via 2-player mode.
  • Originally in the beta for 3.0, the Wall-E Hover Chair was going to have the exact same bloat mechanic as the Glow Urchin's (as shown with an in-game image of Classic Mickey Mouse with a big head while in the chair) but was changed to being true to it's film appearance in the final version of the game.
    • This could possibly explain why the Marvel or Star Wars cast of playable characters are unaffected by the chair's bloating mechanic as it took too much time to program it (however if one were to have the Action Enforcer set to bloat and have said male character sit in the Wall-E Hover Chair, it is possible to have a what-if bloat for said characters in the chair (sans the ones who bloat at the head), humorously enough Hulkbuster's Urchin bloat will almost cover the entire chair completely.
  • Dory and Nemo are the first (and only) characters with the ability to bloat other playable characters via their Bubble range attack without the need of the Glow Urchin item.
    • Likewise Nemo's special move is the only special move in the game that bloats the target when it hits.