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Elemental Poster.jpg
Genre Romantic comedy
Directed by Peter Sohn
Production companies Walt Disney Pictures
Pixar Animation Studios
Release date June 16, 2023

Elemental is an American animated film created and produced by Pixar Animation Studios that released theatrically in June 2023. The film takes place in the fantastical Element City, where people made of water, earth, air, and fire live in a thriving community, but do not always mix well together. The film's protagonist is a fiery young woman named Ember, who meets an emotional water person named Wade. As Ember struggles to run her father's cherished convenience store with her boiling hot temperament, Wade helps her discover her true feelings as they both form an unlikely relationship.

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During the airball game, Windbreaker player Lutz is inspired by the cheering crowd and shoots a comeback goal by first inflating himself with extra air, which includes three opponent players.



Later on, as excessive water leaks through a damaged canal barricade, Wade temporarily soaks up some of the extra water, giving him additional strength to seal the hole with sandbags.

Then, as Wade takes Ember to visit Garden Central Station, Gale largely inhales to create a pocket of air to sustain Ember in the flooded tunnel.