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Donald Duck has been adapted to comics since the 1930s. Among all of Disney's characters in comics, Donald is the most popular throughout the world, especially in European countries. His stories span from comic strips to comic books, and he has been increasingly developed by many authors, such as the notable Carl Barks.

Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold (Four Color, 1942 Series #9, 1942)

Yellow Beak downs a mug of slumgullion he requested from Donald and his nephews.

Limber W Guest Ranch (Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #35, 1943)

Donald inflates after drinking spring water that has gas in it.

Mystery of the Swamp (Four Color, 1942 Series #62, 1944)

Christmas on Bear Mountain (Four Color, 1942 Series #178, 1947)

After a mother bear scares Donald and his nephews out of the cabin, she and her cub eat all the food.

Wintertime Wager (Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #88, 1948)

Luck of the North (Four Color, 1942 Series #256, 1949)

After tricking Gladstone into going to the Arctic with a fake map, Donald worries that he might get eaten by a polar bear.

No Such Varmint (Four Color, 1942 Series #318, 1951)

To rescue Donald from a sea serpent, Huey, Dewey, and Louie launch kegs of pepper into the monster's mouth, causing him to drink water to soothe it.

Reading Mania (Four Color, 1942 Series #600, 1954)

Daisy thinks she has gained weight and worries that she will get fatter.

Too Much Help (Four Color, 1942 Series #1150, 1960)

Daisy takes Gladstone to Grandma Duck's farm, believing it to have trouble. His luck causes the pigs to grow too fat.

Heavy Duty (Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #537, 1988)

Daisy Duck holds a weight contest, in which the heaviest resident of Duckburg can win their weight in gold, courtesy of the Gobblemore Foundation. Upon mishearing a phone call, Donald Duck decides to gain weight just to win Daisy's affection, but only before mishearing again that he is just too heavy for her.

Fast Away Castaway (Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #640, 1988)

Gyro Gearloose invents a machine that creates infinite ice cream.

What's for Lunch... Supper? (Donald Duck Adventures (Disney Comics) #11, 1991)

The nephews refuse to eat Donald Duck's sloppily-done cooking, preferring to have meals from Daisy Duck. After realizing how bad his cooking is, he studies multiple cookbooks and starts serving the nephews "haute cuisine," which the nephews refuse to nourish, leaving Donald to eat on his own and get fatter. After visiting the "restaurant of the evening" tours, he returns to his home with an obese physique, now too fat to cook on his own. The nephews send Donald to Dr. Floyd's Slenderizing Clinic, which acts as a military base, and refuses to lose weight and stanch their food from the kitchen during his exercise. As a result, Donald is booted out of the clinic and returns home, now unable to get through the door. The nephews force Donald to start a diet while they visit Daisy Duck for supper.

The Duck Who Never Was (Walt Disney's Donald Duck #286, 1994)

In a story commemorating the character's 60th anniversary, Donald, miserable at how nobody seems to have remembered his birthday, idly wishes to a genie that he'd never been born. Without the influence of his adventurous spirit, he discovers that his nephews have become lethargic, unambitious couch potatoes.

The Gift of the Gods (Topolino #2277, 1999)

Granny De Spell inhales the air from Aeolus' bag of winds, thinking it was coffee.

Unknown comic published in early 2000's in the polish "Kaczor Donald" magazine

In this comic, Donald fattens up a thief in order to escape from being held hostage by him.

The Way The Cookie Crumbles (Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge #346, October 2005)

After a rare lapse in judgment shakes his confidence in his own market predictions, Scrooge becomes dependent on stock tips as dictated by Chinese fortune cookies. Since these require a meal to be eaten beforehand, Scrooge ends up eating twenty-seven full-course meals per day, ballooning in weight.

A Blow For Good Taste (Anders And & Co. #21, 2009)

Gyro Gearloose invents the "Tastemat", a machine that can make everything taste good. This makes several residents of Duckburg fat.

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