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Goldie & Bear is a series on Disney Junior. While the series did not premiere on television until September 12, 2015, installments of the series were made available beforehand via the network's streaming video mobile-app service. The series is re-imagining of the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears in which Goldilocks and the youngest bear (presented as a bear about Goldilocks' age in the series) become best friends following the incident at the Bear family household (as seen in the original fairytale). The premiere episode is "Giant Among Us; Fetch Skippy Fetch".

The Bear Who Would Become King (S01E13a)

Bear was briefly stuffed from eating too as much bananas when he became the king.

Mr. Pail (S02E20a)

Aloysius was seen briefly stuffed after he ate all the apples while using Mr. Pail.

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