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Darkwing Duck is a Disney cartoon series that was created by Tad Stones and ran for 91 episodes through September 1991 to December 1992. Taking place in the same universe as the 1987 series of DuckTales, the show chronicles the exploits of egotist Drake Mallard, who dresses up as a superhero in the vein of the Shadow and teams up with his sidekick Launchpad McQuack (from DuckTales) and his adopted daughter Gosalyn to fight crime.

Can't Bayou Love (S01E16)

Drake waterlogs himself after trying a brownie that turns out to be very spicy.

When Aliens Collide (S01E24)

Too much panicking causes Wacko to inflate until he has taken up the whole room.

Whiffle While You Work (S01E29)

Quackerjack is eaten by Gator Gal after falling into the water.

Toys Czar Us (S01E32)

The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck (S01E33)

The Avenger's (Gosalyn) one weakness is Coo-Coo Cola, which she drowns in and get bloated from when saved.



The Incredible Bulk (S01E45)

Drake drinks a fertilizer that makes him strong for a while, but his extra body mass goes from his muscles to his waist as well as his hands and feet.

My Valentine Ghoul (S01E46)

Due to Drake's denial to help her, Morgana casts a spell on him that turns him fat and legless.

Slime Okay, You're Okay (S01E57)

Gosalyn touches Bushroot's special formula and turns into a slime monster that appears chubbier with everything she eats.

Jail Bird (S01E62)

Drake gets inflated while trying to defeat Mega Negaduck.



Dirtysomething (S01E63)

Gosalyn and Honker have drank too much cola that causes them to inflate into balloons.

Fungus Amongus (S02E04)



Something Fishy (S02E06)

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