José Carioca (comics)

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The cover of issue #483

José Carioca (Zé Carioca) has a long-running comic book series exclusive to Brazil, due to his popularity in that country. Its first recognized issue is #479, published in 1961, and has since continued to run throughout the years, currently reaching 2,500 issues.

O Mapa Da Mina (#483, 1961)

Zé Bolinha (#1237, 1975)

José gains weight after being fired from a laboratory.

O Sucessor (#1423, 1979)

In order to win the role of the Carnival King, José must gain weight, ending up as fat as his friend Pedrão.

Rodízio De Feijoada (#1852, 1989)

Almanaque do Zé Carioca #13, 1992

In this strip, José has eaten every fruit on Pedrão's tree.

Regime Natalino (#2012, 1994)

José and his friends help Santa Claus when he is not fat enough.

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