Jungle Cubs

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Jungle Cubs
Genre Adventure
Developer Tedd Anasti
Patsy Cameron
Production company Walt Disney Television Animation
Country United States
Original run October 5, 1996 - January 10, 1998

Jungle Cubs is an animated spin-off TV series based on the 1967 Walt Disney film The Jungle Book. The show was produced by Walt Disney Television Animation and aired on ABC from October 1996 to January 1998 with a total of 34 individual episodes. The show takes place several years before The Jungle Book and focuses on the adventures of the film's iconic cast of animal characters when they were younger.

Hulla-Baloo (S01E08a)

Louie unsuccessfully tries to eat more bananas than McCoy to impress Baloo. Soon after, Baloo and McCoy gorge themselves on pears.

The Coming Of The Wolves (S01E13)

Kaa has a bloated stomach throughout the episode after having eaten something. It could perhaps be assumed that he's swallowed birds, as he taunts a bird before revealing his gut. He later disappears to digest his meal, then returns later with a flat stomach.

The Elephant Who Couldn't Say No (S02E05b)

Hathi is asked by Baloo to harvest jungle berries. He then sends them toward Baloo with his trunk, which Baloo catches in his mouth and causes his belly to quickly fill up.