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Stitch! anime.png
Genre Comedy
Production company Madhouse
Country Japan
Original run October 8, 2008 - June 19, 2011

Stitch! is a Japanese anime spin-off of Disney's Lilo & Stitch franchise and its second TV series, after Lilo & Stitch: The Series and before Stitch & Ai. It was aired in Japan from October 2008 to June 2011, with two additional post-series specials that aired in 2012 and 2015. An English dub was released beginning in Australia in 2009 with no cast members from past franchise installments involved. A few months after its finale in Japan, it aired on Disney XD in the United States for only five days until it was cancelled there, supposedly due to fan outrage over the way it handled the characters.

It begins when Stitch winds up on Izayoi, a fictional island in the Ryukus, and meets a young girl named Yuna Kamihara, who lives with her grandmother. With the help once again of Jumba and Pleakley, they interact not only with experiments of Jumba's, but yokais as well.

Ichariba Chodei (S01E01)

Yuna first discovers Stitch under a papaya tree, eating all of its papayas.

Warracchi (S01E10)

Stitch constructs a roller coaster out of a train track (in the shape of Mickey Mouse) and brings a boat with him, using his breath to make a car out of it so that he and Warracchi ride at full speed.

Hull & Husk (S01E11)

Stitch stuffs himself in the pineapple factory on the conveyor belt and when drinking all the pineapple juice.

Foxy Beige (S01E12)

Foxy swells up from the spiciness of some hors d'oeuvre that she eats, and is blown up into the air by Kijimunaa.

Hämsterviel's Epic Secret (S02E22)

Frenchfry fattens up the town with Tickle-Tummy there to assist him, and later fattens up Yuna with just one slice of pizza. Later, Tickle-Tummy and Frenchfry help defeat Hämsterviel.

Jessica's Birthday (S03E03)

Stitch and Yuna raid Jessicas fridge after being told by her to "help themselves".

P.J. 2.0 (S03E06)

PJ inflates Stitch with a foot pump during the clown's performance.

Stitch goes to Wishlandia (S03E11)

Stitch and Yuna wish for a lot of food from the wish-granting experiment Wishy-Washy, which they proceed to devour.

Shogun (S03E15)

While a shogun Toons accidentally brought to life is staying at Yuna's house, he, Yuna, Pleakley and Stitch stuff themselves during dinner.

Swapper 2.0 (S03E20)

Stitch, while in Hiroman's body, pigs out on several trays of free-sample chocolates.

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