Monsters, Inc.

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Monsters, Inc.
Monsters Inc cover.jpg
Genre Comedy
Directed by Pete Docter
Production companies Walt Disney Pictures
Pixar Animation Studios
Release date November 2, 2001

Monsters, Inc. is an American computer animated film created and produced by Pixar Animation Studios that was theatrically released in November 2001. The film takes place in the titular power plant; a facility where monsters travel through portals connected to bedroom closets in the human world to convert children's screams into electrical energy. When a human girl is accidentally let loose in the factory, monster workers Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan make the effort to return her home safely to avoid mass panic, as all monsters believe that humans are dangerously toxic.

The success of the film eventually lead to a prequel film released in June 2013, Monsters University, as well as a spin-off television series, Monsters at Work, released in July 2021 on the Disney+ streaming service.

During the film, Roz is seen reading a newspaper that has an advert for a weight gain diet; showing a monster before and after the diet's results.

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