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Goof Troop is a cartoon series starring Disney's Goofy character that was created by Peter Montgomery and aired from September 1992 to May 1993. It was spun off into two feature films, A Goofy Movie and its direct-to-video sequel An Extremely Goofy Movie, a few years after its finale. The series depicts Goofy as the father figure of a less clumsy Max Goof and the neighbor of Pete, who has a family of his own.

You Camp Take It With You (S01E05)

Slightly Dinghy (S01E11)

Waffles eats cheese from a can, but after sticking the nozzle in his mouth, the pressure inflates him and sends him flying into the ceiling.

Take Me Out of the Ball Game (S01E16)

Goofy and Pete spoil Max and PJ with junk food and TV after being fooled into thinking the kids are successful little league baseball players.

As Goof Would Have It (S01E53)

After scamming the Lickety Split Diet Plan company by using Goofy's picture to show how much weight he lost, Pete tricks Goofy into impersonating him for an interview with the company before he can get paid. However, the plan backfires when Goofy starts acting too much like Pete and puts on weight from eating several boxes of cookies sold by Max and PJ.

Calling All Goofs (S01E54)

Aunt Goofilia stuffs some chili into Pete's mouth, and he gets rid of the heat by drinking out of a hose.

Sherlock Goof

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