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Goofy has been featured in many comics throughout the years. He was made the sidekick to Mickey Mouse (replacing Horace Horsecollar) after Donald Duck received his own comic strip, but eventually got solo stories. A notable title is Super Goof, in which Goofy becomes a superhero by eating special peanuts called super goobers.

Ski for Two (Four Color, 1942 Series #468, 1953)

Super Goof #22, 1972

The Galactic Gourmet (Super Goof #27, 1973)

The Beagle Boys trick Goofy into taking a serum that gives him a super-appetite, which makes him very hungry.

The Great Big Super Goobers (Super Goof #31, 1974)

Goofy tries to eat an enlarged super goober, but it is too big for him to finish.

The Great $$$ Giveaway (Super Goof #33, 1975)

The Phantom Blot tosses Goofy's super goober into a cart of regular peanuts, so Goofy eats all of them to find it.

Super Do-Gooder (Super Goof #39, 1976)

Boom Boom Beagle tricks Goofy into swallowing a fake goober bomb, but Goofy is unharmed by the explosion inside him.

The Gnome King (Super Goof #61, 1980)

As a prank on Mighty Knight, the gnome king gives a large pile of hay to Sir Hayburner, who becomes too full to move properly after eating it.

Super Goof (Le Journal de Mickey, June 2005)

Clarabelle goes to fetch some peanuts, but accidentally takes Goofy's super goobers, resulting in her inflating.

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