Monsters vs. Aliens

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Monsters vs. Aliens is an animated television series which premiered on Nickelodeon on March 23, 2013 and ended on February 8, 2014.

Maximum B.O.B. (S01E04)

Impressed with B.O.B.'s indestructibleness, Coverton decides to clone a piece of him. After too many clones, B.O.B. alarmingly begins to diminish little by little. Fearing that the intence number of quantumly entangled clones will eventually cause the real B.O.B. to fade out of exsistance altogether, Susan, Link, and Dr. Cockroach feed the clones to B.O.B.- with some coersion from sprinkles, resulting in B.O.B. to become an even bigger mass of sentient goo than normal.