The Casagrandes

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The Casagrandes
Genre Family
Slice of Life
Developer Michael Rubiner
Production company Nickelodeon Productions
Country United States
Original run October 14, 2019 - present

The Casagrandes (originally created under the working title: Los Casagrandes) is an American animated spin-off TV series based on The Loud House originally created by Chris Savino. The series was developed by Michael Rubiner, aired on Nickelodeon in October 2019, and is still currently in production. Following the character Ronnie Ann's departure from Royal Woods in The Loud House, the show's premise focuses on her life with her extended family in an apartment complex in Great Lakes City.

Slink or Swim (S01E17a)

Carl puts off going into the pool by saying he's too hungry, even after Rosa feeds him plenty of food.

Guilt Trip (S02E8a)

In an attempt to win Maria a trip to Italy, Ronnie Anne, Bobby, Lalo, and Sergio tackle a monster-sized pizza, all four ending up stuffed.

A Very Casagrandes Christmas (S02E11)

Buttercup eats through the snow to get into the Hi 'N' Buy, making her extremely fat.

Just Be Coo (S02E15a)

Sergio eats all the food from the fridge to cover for Sancho.

The Wurst Job (S03E21a)

Ronnie Anne taste tests all of Bruno's latest hot dogs

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