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Making Fiends is a Flash cartoon created by Amy Winfrey, and is her most popular work. It began as a web series in 2003, but was licensed by Nickelodeon the year after. A television series based on this cartoon aired on Nicktoons Network in 2008, but was cancelled after only six episodes.

An evil girl named Vendetta is able to create monsters, which she calls "fiends", and uses them to terrorize the people in the town where she lives. A new girl named Charlotte, who is cheerful and very naïve, can only see Vendetta as her new best friend. Vendetta sees Charlotte as a nuisance and tries to kill her with fiends, only to fail every time.

Web Series

Making Friends

In this April Fool's Day special, Charlotte creates a fiend (dubbed Fienderick in the credits) to destroy Vendetta, but it explodes after trying to eat a helium tank.

TV Series

Puppies! Puppies! Puppies! (E04a)

To get rid of Charlotte and all her clones, Vendetta sets a trap that leads them into a fiend's mouth.

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