Sanjay and Craig

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Sanjay and Craig
Sanjay and Craig logo.png
Genre Comedy
Developer Jim Dirschberger
Andreas Trolf
Jay Howell
Production company Forest City Rockers
Nickelodeon Animation Studio
Country United States
Original run May 25, 2013 - July 29, 2016

Sanjay and Craig is an American animated comedy television series created by Jim Dirschberger, Andreas Trolf, and Jay Howell. The show premiered on Nickelodeon on May 25, 2013 and ran for three seasons before ending on July 29, 2016. The show revolves around 12-year-old boy Sanjay Patel, his talking pet snake Craig, and the antics and adventures they have in their hometown of Lundgren.

TV series

Maximum Dennis (S01E02a)

To win a chicken wing eating contest, Craig, disguised as Maximum Dennis with Sanjay, inhales all of the chicken wings on his and opponent Tyson's plates, and then rapidly shoots out the bones at Tyson.

Wolfie (S01E04b)

Craig swallows Hector out of annoyance with his obsession with wolves.

Partybot (S01E05b)

The Partybot gets a bloated stomach after drinking water from a fish tank, but then throws up soon after.

The Giving G (S01E06a)

Craig inflates himself to be used by Sanjay as a pump.

Release the Craigan (S01E06b)

Craig is shown with a fat belly at the beginning of the episode from playing chicken wing toss with Sanjay.

Later, at the end of the episode, Sanjay blasts wing sauce into Craig's mouth, bloating him up to a gigantic state.

Laked Nake (S01E09a)

Craig inflates himself with water so he can help Sanjay do a high jump into the lake.

Doom Baby (S01E09b)

Sanjay helplessly forces himself down Craig's throat with Baby Richard Dickson after Mr. Noodman gets the police and SWAT team involved in their situation. Comically, Craig is then mistaken for being pregnant, causing an ambulance to be called.

Fart Baby (S01E11a)

Sanjay gets a fart stuck in his stomach, which him and Craig are convinced is a baby.

Road Pizza (S01E12a)

After eating a pizza lying on the road, Craig is hypnotized by King Za, an evil pizza demon, causing him to turn into a fat, pizza-loving demonic snake.

You're in Trouble (S01E13a)

After going the whole day without drinking anything, Sanjay and Craig drink lots of water before going to bed, resulting in bloated bellies.

Booger Johnson (S01E14a)

Sanjay feeds Craig a large amount of food to keep him from trying to eat Megan's pet gerbil.

Day of the Snake (S01E15b)

Craig swallows a bunch of animals in the forest to show Sanjay what he does when Sanjay is at school.

Flip Flopas (S01E17a)

The four friends (except Megan) have gained weight from eating various things around town.

A Tail of Two Slithers (S01E19)

Craig stuffs himself with chicken wings, leading to Sanjay using him to escape from Manny.

Halloweenies (S03E09)

Craig stuffs himself with Halloween candy, leaving too fat to slither during an attack.

Nickelodeon Magazine

The cover of the May 2016 issue shows Sanjay having had too much ice cream.