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SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants logo.svg
Genre Comedy
Developer Stephen Hillenburg
Production company Nickelodeon
Country United States
Original run May 1, 1999 - present

SpongeBob SquarePants is an American animated television series airing on Nickelodeon, created by the late marine biologist and animator Stephen Hillenburg. The show premiered on May 1, 1999 and continues to run, currently making it the longest-running series on Nickelodeon. The series chronicles the adventures and endeavors of the title character and his various friends in the fictional underwater city of Bikini Bottom.

The series also includes three feature length films, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie: Sponge Out of Water, and The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie: Sponge on the Run, as well as the TV series spinoffs, Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years, and The Patrick Star Show.



Opening theme

Naughty Nautical Neighbors (S01E04a)

When Squidward accidentally chokes on his fork and passes out, Patrick's belly can be seen inflating when he takes a breath and then performs CPR on Squidward, causing him to inflate like a pool toy and each one of Squidward's suction cups pops out.

After drinking a huge amount of soda, both SpongeBob and Patrick become bloated. After they start laughing, multiple bubbles escape from their bodies, returning them to normal and destroying Squidward's house in the process.

Pizza Delivery (S01E05a)

While doing an inspection of the boat, SpongeBob checks the tire pressure by putting his mouth on it, inflating from the air.

Later, after a rude customer fish angrily refuses to pay for the pizza SpongeBob brought him, SpongeBob collapses on the ground and absorbs his tears while crying.

Home Sweet Pineapple (S01E05b)

Spongebob swells up from Patrick's excessive drool.

Nature Pants (S01E09a)

A fireman tries to put out a fire with a hose, but all the water ends up going into SpongeBob instead, causing him to extinguish it instead. The heat shrinks him down and dries him up afterwards.

Culture Shock (S01E10a)

When the actors prepare for the show, SpongeBob shows Squidward his act called "The Amazing Mr. Absorbency": he sticks in his finger in a bucket of water, makign it swell from the absorbing; the act ends when he makes the absorbency go to different parts of himself.

MuscleBob BuffPants (S01E11a)

SpongeBob, who has been entered into the anchor toss competition, tries to lift the anchor with his Anchor Arms, which are inflatable muscles, but cannot do it as the air from them starts going through different parts of his body.

Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost (S01E11b)

After Patrick and SpongeBob damage a sculpture of Squidward, Patrick tries to resuscitate it with CPR, believing that it is the real Squidward, which results in him inflating.

I Was a Teenage Gary (S01E13b)

Squidward expands for a brief second when swallowing all of Gary's food.

Sleepy Time (S01E15a)

SpongeBob inflates himself in order to get inside Squidward's dream.

Suds (S01E15b)

Patrick tries to help SpongeBob's case of the suds by plugging up all of his holes so he can no longer sneeze bubbles. However, this causes him to grow bigger everytime he sneezes, eventually expanding into the shape of a ball.

Your Shoe's Untied (S02E01a)

When trying to deliver Krabby Patties to Squidward, SpongeBob repeatedly trips over his untied shoes, propelling them into his mouth instead, angering the customers. SpongeBob later cries over this, and soaks up all his tears.

Wormy (S02E05a)

SpongeBob blows into a balloon, then has the air go into his body by blowback.

Patty Hype (S02E05b)

Patrick climbs into SpongeBob, and SpongeBob then expands for a few seconds due to Patrick's inflatable pants.

Grandma's Kisses (S02E06a)

Patrick gets full after eating too many cookies. Despite this he still eats more cookies.

Survival of the Idiots (S02E09a)

Sandy expands briefly while eating a pile of acorns.

SpongeBob and Patrick sneak into Sandy's treedome during her hibernation, where they notice that she has grown fat from eating so many acorns before said hibernation.

Squirrel Jokes (S02E11b)

SpongeBob is inflated by Sandy's water hose due to her mental breakdown because of his jokes towards squirrels.

Shanghaied (S02E13a)

In this episode's first airing, Nickelodeon held a poll and let viewers choose one definite ending to the episode out of three; either Patrick, Squidward, or SpongeBob would get the last wish. SpongeBob's ending won and is now the main ending featured on DVD and in reruns of the episode, although the alternate endings were later released on DVD.

Patrick and Squidward's endings both result in the three getting eaten by the Flying Dutchman.

Gary Takes a Bath (S02E13b)

In his most aggressive attempt to get Gary to take a bath, SpongeBob soaks up all the water in the bathtub and repeatedly shoots large bursts of it, all of which Gary dodges.

Graveyard Shift (S02E16a)

Spongebob inhales air after embracing his fear of going outside in the spooky nighttime.

The Algae's Always Greener (S03E01a)

Plankton swells up from Pearl's tears.

SpongeGuard on Duty (S03E01b)

After his rant on lifeguards, Patrick's belly expands. Nat comes by and tells him to put it away for the kids' sake, and Patrick pushes his belly fat into his feet.

In an attempt to stop Patrick from drowning, SpongeBob tries drinking all of the water on the beach. This proves unsuccessful, as in the process he also swallowed Patrick.

My Pretty Seahorse (S03E02b)

SpongeBob's seahorse, Mystery, eats a number of things, including Old Man Jenkins, later getting a bellyache.

Just One Bite (S03E03b)

SpongeBob keeps pestering Squidward try to a Krabby Patty, which he never has. Squidward is so starstruck when he does that he says he loathes it. But when a perfectly round fish is too full and throws his away, Squidward tries to eat it out of the garbage. By the end of the episode, he has broken into the Patty Vault and eaten an enormous amount of Krabby Patties. He then proceeds to explode.

Nasty Patty (S03E04a)

The Health Inspector is given "one of everything" on the menu. When he is done eating, he is shown to be stuffed.

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV (S03E05a)

SpongeBob expands for a second when the shrunken residents of Bikini Bottom are rioting in his body.

Can You Spare a Dime? (S03E07b)

SpongeBob absorbs all of Squidward's tears after Squidward quits the Krusty Krab due to an argument with Mr. Krabs about his First Dime.

Ugh (S03E14)

When the three discover fire they go into a frenzy and end up cooking and eating everything in sight with sticks.

Mid-Life Crustacean (S03E15b)

For a brief moment, after Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob and Patrick if they are hanging out, Patrick is seen with a bloated belly.

Have You Seen This Snail? (S04E03)

An old lady takes Gary in after he runs away, and it is later shown that he has gained weight from all the food the old lady has made for him.

Skill Crane (S04E04a)

Mr. Krabs hides inside SpongeBob when he thinks a tax collector is at the Krusty Krab.

Squidtastic Voyage (S04E15a)

After SpongeBob and Patrick, inside of Squidward's body, free the clarinet reed from his throat, Patrick, misunderstanding Squidward, presses the "Grow" button on their submarine, causing the submarine to grow inside him.

The Gift of Gum (S04E20b)

After the mess that SpongeBob and friends have made in the neighborhood trying to get rid of Gummy, Patrick cleans it up easily--by eating it. He then immediately hiccups Gummy out into a giant bubble.

Fungus Among Us (S05E03c)

Due to an unfortunate "ick" that Gary tries to eat, Spongebob ends up being large and slimy while in a protection bubble.

The Krusty Sponge (S05E09a)

The Krusty Krab's new "Spongy Patties" cause everyone who eats them to turn yellow with green spots, similar to SpongeBob himself, and get swollen bellies.

Pat No Pay (S05E13b)

Patrick becomes very fat from eating a lot of Krabby Patties.

The Inmates of Summer (S05E15a)

SpongeBob and Patrick are placed in a narrow hole filled with chum for three days. After they finally get out, it is revealed that they had eaten all the chum.

20,000 Patties Under the Sea (S05E17a)

A sea monster becomes stuffed after eating a lot of Spongebob and Patrick's chum burgers.

What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? (S05E18)

Sandy and Patrick go into SpongeBob's house and find that Gary has grown huge from eating a year's supply of snail food in about a day.

Banned in Bikini Bottom (S05E20a)

SpongeBob inflates himself as he is about to sing his next verse in a song about Krabby Patties. He then lets all the air out, knocking Squidward's cup house (and Squidward) down.

House Fancy (S06E01a)

After being tasked by Squidward to paint over a faded spot in the wall, SpongeBob instead absorbs all the paint and paints the whole wall, stating that all of it looked faded.

Suction Cup Symphony (S06E03b)

Patrick is inflated by SpongeBob with a blood pressure pump twice. The first time when SpongeBob was being Patrick's doctor. The second time was during Squidward's symphony when he wrote it into the sheet music.

The Krabby Kronicle (S06E09b)

SpongeBob absorbs Mr. Krabs' tears of joy.

The Slumber Party (S06E10a)

SpongeBob absorbs the root beer, causing Pearl and her friends to think he's a zombie. He then shoots the root beer everywhere, flooding Mr. Krabs' house.

Dear Vikings (S06E15a)

SpongeBob blocks up a hole in a Viking ship to stop it from capsizing.

Ditchin' (S06E15b)

Patrick drinks all of SpongeBob's water in the fridge.

Truth or Square (S06E23-24)

SpongeBob soaks up the water in the bathtub, then using the wringer to return to normal size.

Growth Spout (S07E02a)

Pearl's got a huge appetite by having a growth spurts.

Greasy Buffoons (S07E04a)

Patrick is shown to have become fat from eating excessive grease.

Later, after Mr. Krabs and Plankton's battle over greasy foods at their restaurants results in a mess of grease outside, Krabs wakes up to find SpongeBob has cleaned the area by soaking up all the grease.

Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful (S07E05a)

SpongeBob deals with the garbage at the bottom of Squidward's house by absorbing it.

Squidward in Clarinetland (S07E07b)

SpongeBob cleans a locker Mr. Krabs brings in for him and Squidward to store their belongings by absorbing water in a bucket, then removing his face to let the water leak out.

The Bad Guy Club for Villians (S07E09b)

This version of the Elastic Waistband can inflate himself when he opens his belt.

Karate Star (S07E18b)

When Patrick finds out he can't pay for the ludicrously high stack of ice cream scoops with an old lollipop he karate chops the counter in anger, this causing a series of chain events in which the ice cream falls and is caught in Patrick's mouth who then proceeds to eat all of it, causing him to gain weight and get cold enough to be encased in ice which he chops his way out of, and as he leaves he's forced to chop the doorframe as his now large belly can't fit through.

Whelk Attack (S07E22b)

When giant whelks rampage on Bikini Bottom, Sandy discovers that they are just sick. SpongeBob helps them by absorbing all their snot, curing them.

The Other Patty (S08E01b)

A customer at the Krusty Krab is full after eating Krabby Patties whole.

A SquarePants Family Vacation (S08E07)

SpongeBob eats a poison berry that causes him to swell up like a blueberry and become purple.

Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation (S08E09b)

SpongeBob absorbs all of the water coming from Mr. Krabs' tears.

Bubble Troubles (S08E14a)

Sandy runs out of air and has to resort to using air from Pearl's blowhole to stay alive.

The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom (S08E15a)

Spongebob foils a Krabby Patty attack by absorbing its meat.

Bubble Buddy Returns (S08E15b)

After trying to rescue Shiny by going through the Bikini Bottom Pin Factory, SpongeBob pulls a pin from his nose that causes him to deflate. He then puts his thumb in his mouth and inflates himself briefly to bring himself back to normal.

For Here or To Go (S08E22b)

Plankton wins a free Krabby Patty after he correctly answers in a guessing game, but has to eat the whole thing inside the restaurant before he can leave.

Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team Up is Go! (S08E24b)

Man-Ray gets fat from eating too many Krabby Patties.

Yeti Krabs (S09E10b)

SpongeBob soaks up a bucket of water in order to clean Mr. Krabs' boat.

What's Eating Patrick? (S09E15b)

During an eating contest, Larry the Lobster gains weight from stuffing himself with Krabby Patties, causing his shell to open up.

Larry's Gym (S09E17b)

There's a shot of the Bikini Bottomites being overweight.

Later, Larry gains a pot belly due to not working out at his Gym.

The Fish Bowl (S09E18a)

Sandy, SpongeBob, and Patrick get potbellies after eating a lot of ice cream.

Food Con Castaways (S09E24a)

Patrick is shown having eaten all the Krabby Patty samples meant for Food Con after a crash, resulting in one big belly.

Salsa Imbecilicus (S09E25b)

Sandy stuffs Plankton with acorns in an attempt to get him to become smart again.

Unreal Estate (S10E02a)

Squidward is inflated by SpongeBob's water hose. Later, when Squidward shows SpongeBob a chicken parmesan hero house, he imagines himself having gained weight from it.

House Worming (S10E03b)

Squidward sprays SpongeBob with a garden hose, causing the latter to absorb the water and forcing the worms to get out of him and go after Squidward.

Snooze You Lose (S10E04a)

SpongeBob swells up after drinking fizz.

Burst Your Bubble (S10E10b)

SpongeBob swells up when he takes some air out of Plankton's Bubble Boat and later when he absorbs all of his bubble soap to make a Bubble Boat for all the Bottomites.

Spot Returns (S11E01a)

SpongeBob absorbs all of Spot's offspring to fire them to the various citizens to keep as pets.

The Checkup (S11E01b)

SpongeBob inflates himself after being dehydrated by salt.

The Incredible Shirking Sponge (S10E08a)

SpongeBob ends up being absorbed with grease while in his shrunken state.

Later, he absorbs the water in the sink Squidward is cleaning the dishes in to return to his normal size with hilarious consequences.

Krabby Patty Creature Feature (S11E07a)

A fish gets a really big belly from eating the new Krabby Patties.

Then SpongeBob inhales air when he arrives in a panicked state at the Chum Bucket after escaping from the Krabby Patty abominations.

Bunny Hunt (S11E08b)

SpongeBob inflates himself with a fire extinguisher in order to put out a fire.

Squid Noir (S11E09a)

SpongeBob absorbs muddy water as Squidward was thinking.

Scavenger Pants (S11E09b)

SpongeBob absorbs the dark cloud's rain water when coming up with an idea.

Don't Feed the Clowns (S11E11b)

SpongeBob absorbs water from the stray clown's squirting flower.

Later, Mrs. Puff takes a couple of angry deep breathes before yelling at the clown.

Old Man Patrick (S11E12b)

SpongeBob is engorged with water while trying to get Patrick to remember by reciting the show's opening theme song.

Fun-Sized Friends (S11E13a)

SpongeBob's lower body bloats briefly after he swallows a pancake.

Moving Bubble Bass (S11E14b)

SpongeBob briefly inflates when Patrick helps him hold in a hiccup.

Bottle Burglars (S11E15b)

Squidward uses SpongeBob as a paper bag while hyperventilating.

Mustard O' Mine (S11E17a)

SpongeBob becomes engorged with mustard erupting from the ground.

Shopping List (S11E17b)

SpongeBob gets squirted by one of the fangtooth's udders and absorbs the milk. Later, he inflates with his tears before crying.

Whale Watching (S11E18a)

Squidward inflates Pearl with a pump in order to save her after being beached.

The Krusty Kleaners (S11E18b)

SpongeBob absorbs a bit of soda that was on the floor.

Plankton Paranoia (S11E20a)

Mr. Krabs sucks in a fish's shirt which causes his fat to be shown off. He then puts the fish in a barrel to cover him up.

Library Cards (S11E20b)

SpongeBob briefly inflates after spitting a liquid at Patrick in an attempt to get him unstuck.

Call the Cops (S11E21a)

Spongebob inflates when he hyperventilates.

SpongeBob inflates when he makes himself look like a cop.

Goons on the Moon (S11E22)

The Grill is Gone (S11E24a)

The Bikini Bottomites appear overweight after a successful sale of Krabby Patties.

SpongeBob fills up with water when he's about to clean up the Krusty Krab.

Later, SpongeBob inflates when he hyperventilates after discovering that the grill is gone.

Girls Night Out (S11E25b)

Sandy briefly expands when returning to her normal form after being an Amoeba for a week.

Squirrel Jelly (S11E26a)

Sandy briefly inflates to belch after eating a cart full of hot dogs.

FarmerBob (S12E01a)

SpongeBob opens a sack of potatoes, to find Patrick in there, who has eaten all the potatoes.

King Plankton (S12E04b)

After Patrick drank SpongeBob's seachimp aquarium, the seachimp king accidentally enables Plankton's shrink belt, which causes the seachimps to grow inside him.

Plankton's Old Chum (S12E05a)

Believing that it's a special holiday, SpongeBob agrees to help Plankton hide week old chum all over Bikini Bottom, including force feeding Mrs. Puff. Later the health inspector forces Plankton to eat all the chum, so he can avoid getting a fine.

Dirty Bubble Returns (S12E11b)

SpongeBob swells up when he absorbs the dirty bubble.

Swamp Mates (S12E06a)

Patrick gives Bubble Bass CPR, inflating the latter with air.

SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout (S12E13)

Slappy swallows a cake whole, turning him into the shape of it. Later, SpongeBob and Patrick eat a human-sized Slabby Patty.

Lighthouse Louie (S12E20a)

SpongeBob eats all the junk in the lighthouse before spitting it out with his pores.

Hiccup Plague (S12E20b)

Mrs. Puff gets engorged after drinking a lot of water to get rid of her hiccups from the gas bubble.

SpongeBob also expands sometimes when he hiccups after getting the gas bubble again.

The Hankering (S12E21b)

Mr. Krabs gets fat from eating all of that chum from the chum bucket thanks to that chum monkey.

A Place for Pets (S13E01a)

Two fish at the Krusty Krab, as Squidward puts it, eat like animals.

Something Narwhal This Way Comes (S13E04a)

Narlene and Nobby, two narwhal childhood friends of Spongebob, visit him in Bikini Bottom. Nobby makes a ton of pancakes for lunch, which both Spongebob and Narlene happily gobble up by the dozen.

C.H.U.M.S (S13E04b)

SpongeBob inflates himself with water when cleaning the Krusty Krab.

Karen for Spot (S13E14b)

SpongeBob briefly absorbs Karen's oil due to her having a personal crisis regarding Spot.

SpongeBob on Parade (S13E17b)

Mrs. Puff is briefly seen as a parade float.

Mandatory Music (S13E20b)

A fish inflates himself to escape Squidward's clarinet music.

FUN-Believable (S13E22b)

SpongeBob and Patrick causes Sandy to shallow all the nuts she stuffed in her cheeks.



Spatula of the Heavens (S13E23a)

Customers at the Krusty Krab become overweight from eating thousands of Krabby Patties.

Gary's Playhouse (S13E23b)

SpongeBob inflates and explodes from "cuteness overload".

Swimming Fools (S13E24a)

SpongeBob and Patrick mistake Squidward for a pool toy and inflate him.

SquidBird (S13E25b)

SpongeBob inflates himself to become an emergency landing cushion.

Buff for Puff (S14E01b)

Krabs and Puff gorge themselves with fondue at the beach.



Patrick uses SpongeBob as a surfboard, however with him being a sponge, he soaks up all the water in Goo Lagoon.

Juice Man

SpongeBob accidentally knocks over a fish's juice, so he soaks it up and dispenses the juice back into the cup.


What's Cooking, SpongeBob?

While thinking of ways to sneak into Chef Kelp's cooking school, Patrick climbs inside SpongeBob, but is too heavy for him to carry.

Then while SpongeBob does his best to act in Chef Kelp's place at the school, Patrick eats all of the pre-prepared dishes in the kitchen.

SpongeBob Goes to the Doctor

A picture book based on the TV episode "Suds".


Gone Jellyfishing (Nickelodeon Magazine December, 2003)

After dragging a sleeping Patrick all the way to Jellyfish Fields for the first day of jellyfishing, SpongeBob collapses from exhaustion. Meanwhile, Patrick wakes up and gorges himself on all the jelly he managed to collect while SpongeBob slept.

Body by Patrick (Nickelodeon Magazine May, 2006)

Patrick stars in a prank advertisement about bodybuilding, in which he seemingly gains fat instead of muscle.

The Cool Pool (Nickelodeon Magazine #155, 2009)

SpongeBob drops his fork in the pool by accident, but when he dives in to retrieve it, he ends up absorbing all of the pool water.

Nickelodeon Magazine #158, 2009 (Cover)

Creambob Conepants (Nickelodeon Magazine #159, 2009)

SpongeBob and Patrick eat up an ice cream version of Bikini Bottom.

Swab Story (SpongeBob Comics #36, 2014)

SpongeBob uses a mop to absorb a wave of grease in order to save a live stadium pirate performance from peril.

The Answer! (SpongeBob Comics #39, 2014)

SpongeBob eats a large number of kelpsicles in trying to find one with the answer to a certain riddle.

Pufferfish (SpongeBob Comics #39, 2014)

Ship Wrecked (SpongeBob Comics #39, 2014)

Mrs. Puff inflates out of anger because SpongeBob makes it impossible for her to relax.

Guest to Pest (SpongeBob Comics #40, 2014)

Patrick stays at SpongeBob's house after his rock is blown away. He eats all the food on the first day.

The Legend of Paul Spatula (SpongeBob Comics #60, 2016)

Mr. Krabs, Squidward, and SpongeBob become fat while eating one of Paul Spatula's Krabby Patties.

Mama Trauma (SpongeBob Comics #63, 2016)

Patrick becomes fat due to that Spongebob and Patrick had to clean Mama Krabs Backyard.

Bestest-Yellow Buddy Day (SpongeBob Comics #69, 2017)

SpongeBob absorbs all the sweat in his house to prevent it from being flooded.

(SpongeBob Comics #72, 2017)

(SpongeBob Comics #81, 2018)

SpongeBob accidentally absorbs a lot of sea sludge.

Commercial/television spots

Nick or Treat Sweepstakes/Nabisco Snacks

While preparing for a house party, Spongebob attempts to inflate a balloon, but suffers from blowback, ascending to the ceiling.

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

SpongeBob jumps into a pool of water, which he instantly absorbs.


SpongeBob absorbs water in a bathtub as sponges normally do.



Video Games

SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month

During Chapter 4, SpongeBob absorbs water from a fountain, which makes him heavy enough to activate the pressure plate in order to enter Waverly Hills.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman (GBA) / SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom (GBA)

In both games, SpongeBob has the ability to slow his decent from a jump by inflating himself.

SpongeBob's Truth or Square

SpongeBob can absorb water from bathtubs to solve platforming puzzles by squirting it.

Super Brawl 2

In this crossover game, Spongebob's special attack is based on his ability to absorb water.

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake


Mrs. Puff inflates two times during the trailer.


Spongebob Squarepants 4-D

A citizen got the burger he asked for, but he wanted no pickles in it, thus making him swell him up and explode.

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