The Angry Beavers

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The Angry Beavers
Angry Beavers opening.jpg
Genre Comedy
Developer Mitch Schauer
Production company Nickelodeon
Country United States
Original run April 19, 1997 - November 11, 2001

The Angry Beavers is an American cartoon created by Mitch Schauer that originally ran on Nickelodeon from 1997 to 2001. The show revolves around the misadventures of two beaver brothers, Daggett and Norbert.

Box Top Beavers (S01E04a)

Daggett becomes bloated after eating a ton of cereal. He turns back to normal during the next scene.

Salmon Sez (S01E04b)

Daggett is hit by a large fish and activates a switch on the cement truck, then falls down next to the tube, cement stuffing him.

House Broken (S01E09b)

Daggett and Norbert are starving, so they dress up some table legs to make them look like a human leg. The rich family finds Daggett and Norbert stuffed with "legs".

Tree's Company (S01E10a)

Norbert inflates himself with helium to float up in order to get Daggett's attention and become together again.

You Promised (S01E12b)

Norbert has a bloated belly for a brief moment.

Food of the Clods (S01E13b)

The brothers become bloated after a night of sleep eating.

Tree of Hearts (S02E04a)

Daggett, in an attempt to chase Truckee, bites on the tire of the truck that Truckee is driving in. This inflates him.

Utter Nonsense (S02E07a)

Norbert pours hot sauce into Daggett's oatmeal to get back at him. This however, misfires as Daggett spits it back into Norbert's mouth. This causes him to drink all the lake water.

Sang 'Em High (S03E04b)

A mystical lady grants Daggett a wish so he can win an argument against Norbert. He heads down to the lake to do some thinking. However, the magical lady of the lanes appears and grants Daggett his wish, in which Norbert will be unable to speak during an argument, though he doesn't realize that there's a price for having his wish come true. During his argument battles with Norbert, he blimps up into a giant fat singing beaver that leaves his brother speechless.

Silent But Deadly (S03E06a)

A page in the "Wild Life" book depicts a picture of a wolverine that ate a beaver.

Act Your Age (S03E09b)

Norbert chews on some of the ancient tree. This inflates him for a second.

Daggy Dearest (S03E11a)

After eating 300 jalapeno peppers, Daggett bloats during the night. He returns to normal the next day.

Sqotters (S03E16b)

When Daggett is trapped in a cage, he becomes thirsty. He then notices the water and immediately drinks it all.

Chocolate Up to Experience (S04E01a)

When Norbert wants to win a Curling Iron to complete his collection, he sends Daggett to do it. While Daggett is gone, Norbert enters a secret entrance filled with chocolate and eats a bunch.

Fat Chance (S04E02a)

Norbert progressively gets fatter while trying to fatten up Daggett for the winter.