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Middlemost Post is a 2021 animated series that airs on Nickelodeon. The series is about a happy go lucky nimbus cloud named Parker J. Cloud who along with Angus and their pet walrus Russell runs a post office in a ship on top of a mountain.

Chore or Less (S01E1b)

Parker uses Russell as a vacuum cleaner to clean up the Middlemost Post.

Boom Goes the Cloud (S01E3b)

Parker appears stuffed after eating a whole loaf of Frooty Tooty Toasty Cutie Toast.

Love Letters (S01E6b)

In order to get Angus back to the Middlemost Post, Parker has Angus get inside Russell.

Scary Stories to Tell Your Cloud (S01E7a)

In Parker's story "The Middlemost Goat", the titular goat devours everything in its path.