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Danny Phantom is a 2004 American animated series produced by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon, focusing on the adventures of Danny Fenton, a teenager with ghost powers, as he defends his hometown of Amity Falls from various marauding ghouls.

Doctor's Disorders (S02E02)

Villainous ghost Penelope Spectra attempts to use Danny's half-human DNA to create a physical form. The plan backfires when Danny tricks her into absorbing his fat father's DNA instead, all before turning into a booger monster since it has a handkerchief that contained the DNA.

The Ultimate Enemy (S02E04-5)

In an alternate future, Danny's foe Ember "goes to seed" after her vocal cords are damaged at the hands of Danny's evil counterpart.

Identity Crisis (S02E06)

When Danny's computer tells him the hard drive is full, it shows a bloated robot.

Masters of All Time (S02E16)

Tucker has a distended belly after a gorging session at a fast food restaurant.

Kindred Spirits (S02E17)

When Danny's cousin Danielle Fenton stops by, she is stuffed from the food that Danny brings her.

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