All Hail King Julien

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All Hail King Julien
Genre Comedy
Developer Tom McGrath
Eric Darnell
Production company DreamWorks Animation Television
Country United States
Original run December 19, 2014 - December 1, 2017

All Hail King Julien is a computer-animated show created by DreamWorks, debuting on Netflix in 2014. It is the second animated television series of the Madagascar franchise after The Penguins of Madagascar. It is also a prequel to the franchise, taking place before the events of the first movie. The eponymous character, King Julian XIII, is given the throne of the lemur kingdom when his uncle abdicates. He tends to run into trouble due to his fun-loving ways.

Poll Position (S01E02)

A lemur gains weight from kumquat nuts.

That's Sooo Rob (S02E09)

Julien's old best friend Rob returns and goes crazy with partying, including stuffing Mort with a large amount of fruit.

Fast Food Lemur Nation (S03E09)

Clover gets addicted to King Julien's "Booty Doodles" candy bars and gains a large amount of weight. Eventually, she uses this new size to help save the other lemurs and remains overweight for the remainder of the episode.

I, Maurice (S04E12)

During his long dream, King Julien runs across a fat version of Clover, who had become addicted to sweets after losing her job.

Karl-Mageddon (S05E10)

While trapped in an ocean room, Grandpa Mort forces Mort to drink up all the water so they can escape, resulting in a bloated Mort.

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