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CatDog is a Nickelodeon cartoon that ran from 1998 to 2005. It follows the misadventures of a conjoined cat and dog.

All You Can't Eat (S01E01c)

CatDog concoct numerous plans to eat at Taco Depot after they are banned from the restaurant. They eventually succeed, becoming immensely bloated as a result of Dog eating everything on the taco bar.

CatDog Food (S01E02b)

Cat becomes fat as a result of becoming rich and famous. He later inflates even bigger til he deflates back to normal after losing his fame.

Full Moon Fever (S01E11a)

Dog is dared to eat a mountain of garbage by the Greaser Dogs to prove that he's a "real dog".

Just Say CatDog Sent Ya (S01E18a)

Cat makes a speakeasy and sells Farburg bones since that are made illegal, but Dog ends up eating all the product.

Dog Ate It (S02E07b)

Cat wants Dog to lose weight so they can enter a dance competition. He succeeds in doing so, but gains it all back by eating everything in the building.

Sneezie Dog (S02E10b)

Sumo Enchanted Evening (S03E01a)

CatDog grow humongous like sumo wrestler at an Asian restaurant (thanks mainly to Dog). They are unable to pay the bill, so they face off with restaurant owner Rancid.



Catdogula (S03E04)

When CatDog go trick or treating, Dog gobbles up the whole candy making him gain weight.

Cat Diggity Dog (S03E13a)

CatDog's Gold (S03E15b)

Nickelodeon promo

Cat vomits up the Nickelodeon splatter after a very full Dog swallows a whole garbage truck.