The Ren & Stimpy Show

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The Ren & Stimpy Show
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Genre Sitcom
Black comedy
Developer John Kricfalusi
Production company Spümcø
Games Animation
Country United States
Original run August 11, 1991 - October 20, 1996

The Ren & Stimpy Show is an animated series created and usually directed by John Kricfalusi until his firing in September 1992, resulting in Games Animation taking over production for further episodes. It lasted from 1991 until 1995, with two more episodes debuting on MTV in 1996.

A series without continuity, it chronicles the many lives of narcissistic and often psychotic asthma-hound chihuahua Ren Hoëk and his dimwitted cat friend, Stimpson "Stimpy" J. Cat. This series is known for changing the style and attitude of cartoons with its brand of gross-out humor.

A spin-off series, Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon", aired on Spike TV in 2003 with humor geared towards adults exclusively, being sexually explicit as well as gross-out hence the name.

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Svën Höek (S02E04)

During the closing bumper, Ren suggests that Stimpy blows himself up "like a balloon" to make the most of his time. Stimpy does so, and gets popped by Ren.

The Great Outdoors (S02E09a)

First, Ren ends up ingesting a dehydrated food pill, which at first shows him with a distended belly, before distending his entire body around the shape of a full-grown horse.

Second, Ren is bitten by a mosquito, and the scene shows the mosquito filling itself with Ren's blood before Ren crushes it. Afterwards, while he is sleeping, he feasted upon by a swarm of mosquitoes, showing a few of them appearing heavily bloated after the fact before they fly away.

Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen (S02E12)

Ren and Stimpy wake up stuffed with dirt the morning after they realize that it is Canada's primary natural resource.

Ren's Retirement (S03E07)

In the segment You Are What You Eat, Billy the Beef Tallow Boy deep-fries everything important to the girl's father, which he eats until he is unable to move.

Eat My Cookies (S03E10a)

Ren and Stimpy decide to eat many of the cookies they are selling when there are no customers to take offers from them.

Blazing Entrails (S04E03a)

Dr. Brainchild inflates Stimpy to a huge size so Ren can go inside and find the problem with him.

Hair of the Cat (S05E04a)

Ren gets bloated after a bite from a mosquito, which is one of his many allergies.

Who's Stupid Now? (S05E06b)

Ren is fed Stimpy's fat in order to do a role reversal upon discovering that they are nearing cancellation.

Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon"

The Ren & Stimpy Show
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Genre Sitcom
Black comedy
Developer John Kricfalusi
Production company Spümcø
Carbunkle Cartoons
Big Star Enterprises
PiP Animation Services
Country United States
Original run June 26, 2003 - July 18, 2006

Fire Dogs 2 (E03)

The fire chief from the original series episode "Fire Dogs" somehow transforms into cartoonist Ralph Bakshi, including gaining a fat belly.


Ren & Stimpy's Eencredeebly Pathetic Excuse for a Halloween Eesue!! (#13, 1993)

Ren eats a whole prune danish after Stimpy uses his Monstro-Ray on it.

Book of Records! (#24, 1994)

Obedience School... (#25, 1994)

Bathtime (#28, 1995)

From Vienna With Love (#31, 1995)

Stimpy sees Ren's castle made out of canned meat and cannot help but eat it all up.

The Stress Test (#36, 1995)

Frankie promises that Ren and Stimpy can have a place to stay with all the free cooking they can eat before taking them down to her laboratory.

Stimpy's Birthday Present (#42, 1996)

Stimpy eats Shame-O the orca at Cap'n Salty's Wet World Theme Park, and so has to fill in, covered in black and white paint.


The Ren & Stimpy Show: Time Warp

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