Dexter's Laboratory

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Dexter's Laboratory
Dexter's Lab Logo.png
Genre Comedy
Developer Genndy Tartakovsky
Production company Cartoon Network Studios
Hanna-Barbera Productions
Country United States
Original run April 28, 1996 - November 20, 2003

Dexter's Laboratory is a comedy science fiction cartoon that aired on Cartoon Network. It was created by Genndy Tartakovsky and has been known for being one of Cartoon Network's most successful series. Starting off as four pilot episodes for World Premiere Toons, it spun off into a full series in April 1996 for four seasons. The show ended in November 2003.

It centers on self-proclaimed boy genius Dexter who has a secret laboratory hidden behind a bookcase. Throughout the series he battles with his happy-go-lucky sister Dee-Dee who repeatedly interferes with his scientific exploits. Dexter must also keep his laboratory as secret from his unwitting parents and fight his arch-nemesis, Mandark.

Dimwit Dexter (S01E05b)

While Dexter is in his brainless state, he uses a water hose to fill himself up to maximum capacity.

Labels (S02E07a)

Dee Dee uses a label maker to counter Dexter's label knuckles. All of the food is labeled "Dee Dee" except for a jug of apple juice. Dexter drinks the entire jug, but has to use the toilet (which is labeled "Dee Dee").

Nuclear Confusion (S02E10b)

Dexter's sister Dee Dee created a scavenger hunt by hiding his nuclear core. By doing this she left clues for him so he can track down it's location. One of the clues featured Dexter having to eat all 3 pies his mom made. He ends up bloated but is able to find the next clue (the next door neighbor's house). When he gets there, the weight he gained from eating all of the pies disappears.

The Continuum of Cartoon Fools (S02E33b)

Go, Dexter Family! Go! (S03E12b)

While fighting underwater, Dexter's dad rips off the mask of an insectoid alien. Its stomach fills up with water before it slowly sinks.