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The Super Mario manga series, also referred to as KC Mario, was created by Kazuki Motoyama. It was serialized by Kodansha from December 1988 to September 1998, ending because Kodansha lost the license to the franchise. Adapting the video games in and related to the Super Mario title, it contains original characters and meta jokes. The collected volumes, which are not officially numbered, also feature small strategy guides to the game the stories are based on.

Super Mario Land (4)

In the "Solar Strikers Start" story, future pilot Mariio ends up in the 20th century (Mario's time). He gets fat from eating the food because it tastes good.

Super Mario World (1)

Morton explodes when Mario defeats him. Later, Mario and Luigi inflate by using Power Balloons.

Super Mario World (2)

A Koopa Paratroopa throws a P-Balloon to another, but it ends up hitting Yoshi.

Super Mario World (3)

Yoshi eats many Rexes before going through the goal. Later, he eats a Monty Mole, as well as Princess Peach by accident.

Super Mario World (4)

An extra comic featuring Motoyama's avatar shows that he has gained weight since high school.

Super Mario World (5)

In the second story, Yoshi drinks all the river water so he and Mario can avoid drowning. Then the Porcupuffer inflates from lack of water pressure until the Bob-omb it swallowed goes off.

In the third story, Yoshi eats a lot at the festival.

In the fourth story, Yoshi has to find a chubby person as part of the marathon. It would have been Motoyama, but he lost weight from working so much. Yoshi then makes himself the chubby person.

Super Mario World (6)

In the first story, Mario and Yoshi eat from many food stands while tracking down Bowser.

In the third story, Yoshi eats the food at an event where he is acting as guard.

Yoshi's Egg

Yoshi eats the exploding enemies dropped by Magikoopa, then inhales his cloudy cover. Later, he eats all the enemies Bowser drops on the Koopalings' ship.

Super Mario Kart (2)

In the first story, Mario uses a Power Balloon to save himself and Peach from falling and crashing.

In the second story, Yoshi shows that he is good at finding food, but will eat it all by himself.

Super Mario Kart (3)

Peach throws a wheel into a snake's mouth when it tries to eat Mario.

Super Mario USA

To get past the Mask Gates, Mario's group needs a Crystal Ball from inside Birdo.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (2)

After beating up Pako, Mario inflates him with oxygen and uses him like a hot air balloon.

Mario & Wario

After eating the giant fruit, Yoshi lets himself get eaten by Wario's Blargg to defeat it.

Wario's Woods

To beat Goro, Mario has Birdo spit bombs at him.

Donkey Kong (1)

In the third story, Donkey Kong stuffs Pauline with food.

Donkey Kong (2)

At the end of the third part, Pauline is shown to have gotten fat while living on Donkey Kong's island.

"Go! Go! Mario Paint Theater" tells its version of "The Little Match Girl." At the end, the girl (Birdo) breaks into Mario's house and eats the dinner he set up.

Super Donkey Kong with Mario (2)

When Expresso catches Candy Kong, Enguarde also appears with Diddy Kong inside him.

Donkey Kong swallows a lot of rainwater, which helps him a little in his fights.

In an extra comic, Peach uses a P-Balloon on herself in a failed attempt to tear a dress she dislikes.

Super Mario: Yoshi's Island (1)

Yoshi eats Salvo and his Slime Drops.

Later, two Spear Guys change into a Fat Guy and a Stretch.