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Super Mario-kun is a manga series written by Yukio Sawada. It is published by Shogakukan and printed in CoroCoro Comic. It features the characters from the Mario games in scenarios similar to the games. There is also crude humor and slapstick violence.

Volume 6, Unknown Chapter

Volume 32, Counting on you, Sushie

Sushie is depicted as a glutton who can’t stop snacking during their adventure. When she is roasted by the lava piranha, she donates her final Tidal Wave attack to Mario by inflating him with watery kisses, deflating herself in the process. Mis-star heals her with a kiss, which transforms her to an even fatter size.

Solve the Christmas Mystery!

Yoshi eats his Christmas cake in one bite, only to discover Mario and Luigi accidentally baked it with salt instead of sugar.

Super Mari-Old

Mario checks himself into hospital during a depressive episode, feeling too old and worn out to adventure anymore. Luigi and Yoshi are desperate to return to the manga’s usual gag format and cheer him up. Yoshi attempts to inject him with “joke spirit” by inflating him with a pump, but it has no effect on Mario’s temperament.