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CommentStreams:5aa8c43d525264da02c719e2e4a486dc 101 Dalmatian Street Dylan Became Fat. Remind Me of Futurama Anthology of Interest II anonymous May 5 at 6:56 pm
CommentStreams:B02055a9525a58cd1e7eded644fc088f Joshiraku Yeah but that's not the point I think. That image shows us a swelling belly that need to count Baronrojo96 May 4 at 6:20 pm
CommentStreams:4c2bf6cc6afc81d94d1c5e71ab541ab9 PAW Patrol Marshall Has marshall being inflated by water in the series. Jamiejayo1357 May 4 at 5:44 pm
CommentStreams:B2e7de81ce5c81f6747d21ac3151c5dd PAW Patrol Marshall Has marshall been inflated by water in the series. anonymous May 4 at 5:43 pm
CommentStreams:A3e6d00a99db7ac6289e6930a6dcd620 Joshiraku No. If you want to keep it, you can put it on your user page. Door73 Door73 May 4 at 3:43 pm May 4 at 4:23 pm
CommentStreams:8c2e9a3975dec52f48f178fb71c32f82 Joshiraku It couldn't be inflation? or another category? Baronrojo96 May 4 at 3:23 pm
CommentStreams:Bb474ac7a0cbba8cdeb93ae451cfd545 Joshiraku If it's not actually stuffing, then it doesn't count. It's along the lines of "gaining weight but not visibly". Point is: she's not stuffed, so still no. Door73 May 4 at 3:18 pm
CommentStreams:C8157b0f8ed834b93408e012f59309a2 Joshiraku Thanks :) Baronrojo96 May 4 at 3:13 pm
CommentStreams:Ae41841eabf376d980fe6bba50551303 Joshiraku I'd like personally like to see it stay on here, I think it's really cute.

And look at it this way; if SHE'S not stuffed but the character she's PLAYING ON STAGE is - isn't that still a fictional depiction of stuffing :p

The Breakfast Scrub May 4 at 7:22 am
CommentStreams:4510b99faff07a04b0a1ac0e78b7d161 Joshiraku It's a matter of context. Door73 May 4 at 1:08 am
CommentStreams:63dc1361b5298dcb846a8a078d012134 Joshiraku Yeah but we have images on this page that don't necessarily see previous food. And unless this is a joke with food reference. Like someone who eats a lot of food. Baronrojo96 May 3 at 10:34 pm
CommentStreams:Cd4d0cd418466a7f12307e1a1b3a6081 Joshiraku She's just telling a joke. It's unlikely she ate anything. Door73 May 3 at 10:08 pm
CommentStreams:D0c8a02b2f1ea1df8ae13ca7cd65b691 Joshiraku Yeah why not? Baronrojo96 May 3 at 9:20 pm
CommentStreams:25976ac553d8a4966d4d0ac26a19088f Joshiraku Why not? Why didnt count? The interpretación un episode 5 anonymous May 3 at 8:36 pm
CommentStreams:0daec0e5b6d95d4f4e4c5f53ac83e975 Danganronpa Yo Can you add pics from the chiaki one. anonymous Apr 25 at 5:37 pm
CommentStreams:430e771613452b0df946a874120e2ed8 The Proud Family Missed expansion There's an episode where Sugah Mama loses weight and gets skinny and attractive, only to balloon up again in parts after eating one bite of cake. Dr. Sauron Apr 22 at 7:53 pm
CommentStreams:834d94ece71b30cf41852f3554456858 Inspector Gadget (2015 series) That’s my childhood show I used to see the episodes on Universal Kids anonymous Apr 21 at 2:06 am
CommentStreams:Eab8f474e959d9d916bcf2c8c16fd5d7 User:Infwgfan I'm sorry for what happened, I'll try to type without copying & pasting. Infwgfan Apr 21 at 12:22 am
CommentStreams:F4d5b80b5ad00583e3dbfaffa31ed8f4 Peanuts Well those are actually thought bubbles. It's to show what the characters are thinking. anonymous Apr 19 at 3:22 pm
CommentStreams:53616975066cedcd425495a8ed14a94a Martha Speaks There is a few more. Another episode, Martha The Hero Maker, features a squirrel inflating into a balloon. anonymous Apr 19 at 1:31 pm