Pac-Man Party

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Pac-Man Party
Pac-Man Party coverart.jpg
Genre Party
Platform Nintendo Wii
Nintendo 3DS
Developer Namco Bandai Games
Country Japan
Release date November 16, 2010 (Nintendo Wii)
November 8, 2011 (Nintendo 3DS)

Pac-Man Party is a multiplayer party game made by Namco Bandai and released for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS in 2010. The gameplay is composed of mini-games, similarly to Nintendo's Mario Party series. The Nintendo 3DS version has less content than the Wii version.

One of the mini-games is Pooka Pop. In the game, the players take turns pumping up a Pooka (from Dig Dug), in a style similar to "hot potato". Each player can pump up to three times, or pass to the next player. Whoever pops the Pooka loses.